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Meditation is medicine for the mind, body, and soul

Convertible Zabuton Best Meditation Chair in Canada, Made by Halfmoon! Studio Round Zafu Meditation Sit Set | Mediation Cushion
Convertible Zabuton - Charcoal
Price: $95.00
Sale Price: $72.00
Meditation Chair
Price: $66.00

Round Meditation Zafu | Meditation Cushion Halfmoon Zafu Sit Set - Deluxe / Studio Om Meditation Zafu | Meditation Cushion with Buckwheat Hulls
Meditation Sit Set - Halfmoon Zafu Deluxe + Zabuton
Price: $170.00
Sale Price: $159.00

Om Zafu - Glacier
Price: $42.00
Halfmoon Meditation Zafu Deluxe | Meditation Cushion Soul Surf Cushion Zabuton Meditation Cushion
Zabuton - Glacier
Price: $96.00