Everything you need to support your yoga practice. Bolsters, mats, props and more!

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Relax and restore your body and mind with these wellness essentials.

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Meditate comfortably for longer with meditation cushions that match your decor.

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Supporting Yoga + Meditation Since 1989

Best bolsters EVER!
In 18 years of yoga, 8 of years teaching with a strong base in
Restorative Yoga, I have tried many brands of bolsters. They
wear extremely well, keeping their firmness for years. Halfmoon
bolsters are the best out there, not to mention, the prettiest!
- Kari S.

Featured Products

Yoga Bolsters

Bolsters you can love year after year. Strong enough for any yoga studio. Handmade at Halfmoon.

Yoga Mats

Shop mats and mat accessories that cater to your practice and your lifestyle.

Meditation Cushions

Find beauty in your zen. Cushions filled with Canadian buckwheat. Zabutons made with natural cotton batting.

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