Realiven your life with self care that makes your heart sing. Whether your wellness practices include self massage, improving your sleep health, relaxing with a lavender scented eye pillow, or revitalizing bones of your feet, we can help with all of it.

  • Eye Pillows

    Eye Pillows

    Savasana bliss. Available in silk and cotton, lavender and unscented.
  • Blankets


    A yoga prop you can get cozy with and looks great in your living room.
  • Heatables


    Sweet relief! Hot + Cold Therapy Pillows and Heatable Eye Pillows.
  • Massage


    Get a deep release with spiky or smooth massage balls or our foam roller.
  • Sleep


    Maximize your sleep health with buckwheat pillows and silk sleep masks.
  • Joy-a-Toes


    Happy feet, happy body, happy soul.