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The perfect yoga mat to satisfy your wandering soul. Its durable, sticky surface makes it highly functional for your practice, and it easily folds to fit into your suitcase, backpack or overnight bag. So take it with you. Bon voyage!

CAD $29.00
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  • Lightweight
  • Compact (folds down to 8”x12”)
  • Awesome traction
  • Extremely durable


  • 2mm (1/16 inch) thick
  • 24" x 72" (61 cm x 183 cm)
  • 1.8 lbs (0.8 kg)
  • Non-toxic pvc (6p free, latex-free)
  • Made in Taiwan

Product Care

  • Before using your mat for the first time, clean it thoroughly, then repeat as needed.
  • Spray with water or Halfmoon Mat Clean and wipe with a sponge or cloth.
  • Hang or lay flat to air dry.
  • Love it. So thin and compact, feel so much more connected to the earth when I'm on it!

  • I love the fact that I can fold this mat. And I feel confident that I can practise standing poses without slipping.

    - Heather Barnes
  • Considering that I needed to order 40 yoga mats, they were shipped to me quickly and with no problems. The mats are a great quality, and exactly what we were looking for.

    Thanks Halfmoon Yoga!!

    - Sara
  • I find this mat a little slippery - hands and feet sliding a lot in downward dog when I used it on a laminate floor. Might work better on carpet, or with a yoga towel over top. Having it on my trip did remind me to do yoga daily, though! Folds up nice and small, very light. Wouldn't take this to a yoga class, would prefer to rent a mat, but nice to have in the hotel room.

    - Christine
  • I took this mat to a Bikram yoga class and it was sticky enough for the triangle pose. It is also very light for carrying to class. The downside is that it is a little thin for my bony frame.

    - Sandie
  • The mat's exactly what I was looking for (although, now I kinda wish I went with the teal colour instead of grey), but I'd like to take this opportunity to commend Halfmoon's customer service. I was having trouble completing my last online order and when this was brought to their attention, they took steps to complete my order complete with the promotional discount after it had already expired. That's good karma and customer loyalty!

  • i received a travel yoga mat as a bonus offering from halfmoon and i keep it in my vehicle/work locker. it is great for on-the-go practice, and i love it for outdoor practice. because it is a travel mat, it is on the thin side, so i tend to place it on more cushioned surfaces (grass, etc.).

  • I leave mine in my golf course locker for pre and post game yoga practice. also great for leaving at work for a quick yoga break. Folds easily which is perfect for travel/commuting purposes.

    - Val H
  • I took this mat for 3 weeks through Nicaragua. It was awesome! Packed well, super light and great stick even in the hot hot weather.
    It was a little thin but this is what I expected with a travel mat. The weight savings and packability were worth it. I used a towel under my knees which was perfect.
    I practiced on it on sand, wooden floors, concrete and tile with ease. I rinsed it with fresh water and within a half hour it was ready to be packed up for the next leg of my journey. The blue colour is sweet too.
    Doubled as a great beach mat for a sand-free lunch!

    - Urs
  • This mat is my favorite because its super light, sticky and easy to clean. I can barely feel it on my back when walking to yoga class.

    After years of trying many types of mats this now my go to and I tell everybody how awesome it is!

    - Tracy
  • This mat is very small and compact and makes it very easy for travel. Folds nicely almost the size of a book and stores easily into a backpack. The down side to this mat is it was not at all sticky. I was slipping all over the place in many strong warriors or downward dogs poses, and the logo peeled right off after a few weeks of use. Otherwise a good mat and perfect for putting in a backpack and going off for the day!

    - Melanie Savoie
  • Because it is so thin I didn't expect it to stand up well or last very long.
    Boy was I wrong!!

    I have owned this mat for 7 years now!!!

    I am constantly surprised at it's sturdiness.
    I use it constantly and it has been battered and chewed on by 2 naughty kittens.
    Yet, it is still in near perfect condition!

    - Susan.G.

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