Round Meditation Cushion Limited Edition

Limited Edition

  • Gratitude
  • Indigo Mudcloth
  • Wildflower
  • Serenity
  • Moonstone
  • Amethyst Linen
  • Charcoal Ikat
  • Copper Canyon Linen
  • Indigo Ikat
  • Natural Linen
  • Heart Centre

Limited Edition prints add style and personality to your space.

The Round Zafu is designed to help you sit tall with relaxed, happier hips. Based on traditional meditation cushion design, its simple shape is time-tested and perfect for new and experienced meditators alike. Great for meditation as well as for casual sitting at home.

TIP: for the best sitting posture, make sure your knees are lower than your hips.


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Features +

  • Handcrafted at Halfmoon in Vancouver
  • Adjustable support for optimal sitting posture
  • Handy carry handle

Specs +

  • 18" (46 cm) in diameter
  • 5" (13 cm) high
  • 6.0 lbs (2.7 kg)
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Filled with natural buckwheat hulls

Product Care +

  • Unzip case and pour hulls into a bag. 
  • Cold wash cover, hang to dry, refill.
  • It is the right height and density for a very comfortable meditation position. It is easy to relax into.

    - Jodi C.
  • I am loving this meditation cushion for any activity that has me sitting on the floor; meditation, work, teaching, etc. It's also super cute and looks great with the rest of my yoga gear when stacked up in the corner of my living room.
    Using this meditation cushion really helps with my posture and helps to relieve any lower back pain I get from being overly active during the day.

    - Ashley T.
  • My new meditation cushion is filled with buckwheat, is nice and heavy and makes sitting on it a real pleasure. It supports good posture when sitting for yoga or meditation practice. I even like to sit on it all day while working on my computer.
    The cover is washable and the filling smells so good. :blush:
    I find the design to be stylish and yet soothing.

    - Tanja K.
  • Great quality. Beautiful print.

    - Angela D.
  • I ordered the Round meditation cushion in the charcoal Ikat, and it's beautiful! Super comfortable and helps open my hips and take strain off my knees when sitting on the ground, allowing me to sit comfortably for long meditation sessions. Might need another one, as the cat has also deemed it comfortable and has decided it is hers!

    - Erin
  • Perfect round meditation cushion - just like everything I buy from Halfmoon Yoga.

    - Dale J.
  • Love these Zafus. Just prefer they had a lining to protect the buckwheat because they leak everywhere. One of mine split in the seam and leaked all over the floor making it look like our studio was dirty. Great product but could benefit from an upgrade.

    - Carrie B.
  • It was exactly what I wanted, well made and shipped fast!

    - Tera M.
  • I first tried this pillow at a yoga class at the Kingfisher, and I knew I had to have it!!!

    - Jocelyn P.
  • Very comfortable. Help sitting on the floor for meditation easier for a longer period of time. My kids now do their homework sitting on it on the floor. It is also very stylish since it's always out :) Great purchase :)

    - Annie A.
  • A great addition to my yoga props; super comfortable to sit on, looks pretty, and practical to have for meditation. Looking forward to using this in my practice!

    - Laura P.
  • Beautiful and comfortable cushion for meditation.

    - Kim D.
  • I love my round zafu. So when it is time to shop for a is a no-brainer: another round zafu I got.

    - Rose H.
  • I have many, in different materials, changing them up for the seasons on couches. The bring positioning comfort as the 20+ year-old couches become less comfortable because of age (or maybe it is just me getting 20 years older?). Anyways: love, love, love and would rather by these than prim and proper cushions any day :)

    - Sandra S.
  • Awesome meditation cushion. Haven't felt so comfortable meditating ever!

    - Gillian G.
  • Really like this product. But I knew I would because the yoga studio I go to has all your products. I will be ordering a bolster next. Also love my yoga mat cleaner.

    - Dale A.
  • My tailbone is so much happier. Thank you.

    - JAYNE J.
  • New to meditation practice yet wanted to ensure of the proper set-up...sooo happy I purchased this cushion! Not only is it an inviting sit each time but the pattern is super adorable as well. May I mention this fabulous product is created in Canada!!! Thank you so much!

    - Karyn W.
  • beautiful and functional - the best of both worlds!

    - Kylah D.
  • I love the firmness and how the buckwheat hulls are so form fitting. Beautiful pattern and superb workmanship. I am so pleased I can remove the cover for washing. Fast and free shipping and most of all Canadian!!

    - Janice W.
  • Beautiful design and comfortable.

    - Racheal B.
  • Super quick delivery. I have been using my zafu daily...often as a seat in front of the fireplace! Comfortable and great quality.

    - Julie H.
  • My zafu supports my sits bones so nicely and the pattern is so cute! I love it!

    - Samantha B.
  • Everyone at Studio B Yoga and More is very much enjoying the round zafus, you guys rock and we love your products!

    - Crystal H.
  • I was so excited to receive this. The colours are vibrate yet soothing. It is so comfortable. I can't wait to start using it daily in my personal practice and when teaching!

    - Heather D.
  • Like all Half Moon products, the Round Zafu is really lovely - comfortable, beautiful, and quality. It is a worthwhile purchase.

    - Anna S.
  • I am really pleased with my London Fog round zafu. I use it to sit on the floor doing all sorts of things besides meditating since it feels so comfortable.

    - Sharon A.
  • I have placed my “ Round Zafu” in my living room, when ever I come back from work, or yoga I take a brake to sit down and meditate, it keeps inviting me to meditate every time I see it.
    Is incredible how this setting up my own studio at home has enhanced my practice. I am so happy I’ve bought this Zafu, is comfy and welcoming

    - Rebeca h.
  • I have to receive it first to review it for you

    - Scott S.
  • The best meditation cushion I have found!

    - Monica G.
  • Great meditation cushion. Makes sitting on the floor a lot more fun!

    - Francine L.
  • I love the round zafu! It has changed the way I approach my practice. It is the perfect height and the pillow offers great support and comfort.

    - Elaine R.
  • Thank you. I love my Round Zafu Limited edition. It makes sitting on the floor appealing and comfortable for extended period of time. I now sit as often as possible on the floor.

    - Annie A.
  • I just love my round cushion! It is so comforable and it is perfect for my hips, makes meditation even better than before!

    - Lisa M.
  • Product offers a perfect mediation seat. Fabric is lovely; so glad I went with the "London" fabric! Will buy others for gifts, for sure :)

    - Korrie E.
  • Very well made and very comfortable!

    - JUDY R.
  • I got a second zafu for my office and it works beautifully. It doesn't take up much space and is unobtrusive, yet practical for short sessions throughout my working day.

    - Carlos R.
  • Made in Canada, natural buckwheat fill, washable cover, eco-responsible packaging and I can talk to someone (no, really - a live person!) with my questions? I'm a fan... you had me at Made in Canada!
    Also, I am using this for way more than my yoga practice, as I experience chronic pain and am often sedentary. I have swapped out my wheelchair cushion (that had a mega-pricetag) for my Zafu. It is way more comfy and "resets" the pressure points just by shifting my weight. I also drag it into bed on nights I can't get comfortable and place it between my knees for hip support. I use it for physiotherapy too. I recommend this cushion to anyone who sits!
    Delivery was really fast and I am putting this cushion on my birthday wishlist. I'd love to have them everywhere like throw pillows!

    - Pamsie
  • Allow your sit bones to be grounded, and comfortable!!

    - Joelle McDonald
  • This is a terrific product that is necessary in my pursuit and study of yoga and its benefits to my lifestyle

    - Sharon Uttaro
  • I have Osteoarthritis and spina bifida and my Zafu is my best yoga pal. Meditation, superior posture support and pose support Zafu is the envy of the class. The filling helps get situated just right when I am hurting and keeps me there. A super pal for any yogi that needs a little help with a pose or posture of savasana.

    - Coreen
  • I have degenerative bone disease in my lower spine and hips. It makes sitting on a floor painful and difficult. My zafu deluxe find was a godsend!I can now meditate with comfort. Thank you Halfmoon for such a great product.

    - Gayle
  • I've had this zafu for a few years now and it has held up! The patterns are so beautiful and fit nicely in my living room without looking out of place. I also really like the handle which means I can take it to yoga class if I like to. The filling inside also makes it malleable so it can also be used as a prop to support legs and head if you need it to. I love this zafu!

    - Jennifer Young
  • as a novice in my meditation practice, this cushion inspires me to sit. it's very supportive and elevates my hips to enable a comfortable easy seated position.
    the handle is great for transporting it room-to-room!
    i especially love using zafus when we have dinner guests... everyone grabs one and sits on the floor around our big coffee table!

    - kaitlyn roland

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