Rectangular Limited Edition Bolster

Limited Edition

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  • Rectangular Bolster

Limited Edition prints add style and personality to your space.

The Rectangular Bolster promotes gentle chest opening, makes a great back bending prop, and provides a moderate lift for forward bends and legs up the wall. Its generous size creates a stable, comfortable surface — so stretch out, lie back, and relax!

CAD $105.00
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hours


  • Handcrafted at Halfmoon in Vancouver
  • Perfect weight & density
  • Removable cover
  • Handy carry handle makes it easy to take it with you
  • Exceptional quality & durability


  • 5" x 10" x 24" (13 cm x 25 cm x 61 cm)
  • 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Made with natural cotton batting fill

Product Care

  • Machine wash cover in cool water on the delicate cycle. Hang to dry
  • Lint Removal Tip: wipe bolster with a latex gloved hand
  • love the print! very functional!

  • Wow the service was great. We live in Northern Manitoba and did not expect the bolster to arrive so promptly from across the country. The bolster itself was really well made and I love it already . Thank You.

    - Colleen Wickens
  • Love it! Look forward every night to just unwind on it.

    - Kat Clawson
  • I bought this as a Valentines present for my partner, it is very good quality and I'm sure she will just love it!
    Shipping was very fast and ordering was efficient.

    - Alex Palfrey
  • I have NEVER been disappointed with my purchases from Halfmoon.
    Quality, quality, quality...oh and stylish too!

    - Jeannette DeWit
  • Love it!

    - cindy andison
  • Great print, perfect weight and density. I'm really happy with it.

    - Jennifer Graham
  • Lovely fabric and comfortable bolster for relaxing yoga practice and for reading. I would buy this again.

    - Lisa Lemieux
  • I absolutely love my bolster. The Deep Bloom fabric is beautiful and very durable. The bolster is very well made and I use it every time to support me in my yoga practice. Amazing product that I recommend for all yoga lovers.

  • Perfect for my needs and is a goodnthickness

    - Adele Zwimpfer
  • Perfect for my needs - very pleasant to work with and look at

    - Adele Zwimpfer
  • Love Love Love this bolster I try to keep my in class teaching bolster in a different fabric from the studio used ones. Many compliments on the fabric and I love it !

    - Andrea Jittler-Friesen
  • I love this design! One of my favorites.
    Bolster is great.

    - Pamela Nelson
  • Another great fabric...of course the bolster is great.

    - Pamela Nelson
  • This is one of the best purchases I have made all year... hands down! I especially love all the pattern options.

    - Katherine B.
  • Was so thrilled to receive my bolster!! Great for relaxing for a few minutes after a long day or for restorative postures during my practice...even my 4 year old daughter likes to recline and relax on it!! This is a must have prop and the spring fresco fabric is so pretty!!

    - Tanja Semenuk
  • Truthfully, I have said it all in my comments above. Not sure which bolster is which but the skinner one I use for so many positions...... it is a good assistance

    - Mar Howe
  • The bolsters are always great. This pattern is another great choice.

    - Pamela Nelson
  • I use this for restortive yoga. Sometimes just to even relax at home on the couch. I love the new patterns. Tempted to buy another one or few.

    - Jeffrey Lo
  • I have many of Halfmoon's bolsters at my studio. All are well made and well stuffed.
    I love the new design they choose. Purple haze is very lovely.

    - Pamela Nelson
  • So excited to get this in the mail, as I do my Yoga at home, with YOGO TV, my bolster had to match my living room, the color was perfect! Indigo Bloom. Love the quality and the feel plus it is very supportive for my practice.

  • Quite simply, the perfect bolster for restorative, yin or just relaxing at home. Firm, well-stuffed and well-made.

    - Brian
  • My bolster is not the "deluxe" model, but it is rectangular. I love it for supported back bends and supported bridge as well as legs up the wall. I use this style of bolster when I teach restorative poses.

    - Heather Barnes
  • Amazing! My two children have bad chest colds so I laid out two yoga mats, Halfmoon ones, of course!, a Hot Yoga Rug on top of each mat, then a bolster,next I tucked them in with an India cotton blanket, and topped them off with a deluxe eye pillow. I put a Snatum Kaur on the ipod, lit the fireplace and my two babes chilled for at least 20 was heaven on earth, for all of us! Thank you, was truly a multi-sensory experience and your products allowed my children to truly relax and recuperate! After they went to bed, I set myself up with the rectangular bolster and slowly turned to jello!

    - Pamela Diggins
  • This is the most beautiful cushion on my bed.
    I just knew that if I slept with one of these under my knees I would never wake with low back ache again.
    I was right
    I bought two
    Cause 2 beautiful excellently useful things are better than 1

    - Pamela Jenkins
  • The fabrics for deluxe are always very nice choices.

    - Pamela Nelson
  • This bolster is SO incredibly soft, I can hardly explain how happy I am. Not only is the colour gorgeous (I have the indigo bloom), but the cotton stuffing is perfect. It is stuffed to the perfect density; firm enough to last, yet soft enough to give where you need it to! The bolster feels like it would last forever, and I honestly hope it does.

    - Zoe Clark
  • this bolster does it all!
    from raising my hips in a seated easy-position, to supporting/levelling my hip in pigeon, to facilitating supported fish ... it's my go to.
    i love the handle design to help me take this bolster on the go! the fabric is durable... even my bulldog loves lounging on this!

    - kaitlyn roland
  • Halfmoon is so great that even if you purchase a patterned bolster and they change the print you can still match it up with a plain one later on. This shape and size is my favorite bolster. I'm a shorter woman and this bolster makes me feel really supported it is long enough to support my head in restorative postures like supported sivasana and wide enough that if I don't want my head held I can place it lengthwise to support my back. Oh and compared to other brands I have the bolster itself holds it's shape really well without getting to soft and breaking down. I highly recommend this bolster!

    - Jennifer Young

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