Plush Cotton Yoga Blanket - Charcoal Herringbone

Plush Cotton Yoga Blanket - Charcoal Herringbone
  • Charcoal Herringbone
  • Natural Herringbone
  • Cloud Grey Herringbone
  • Charcoal Herringbone
  • Natural Herringbone
  • Plush Detail
A blanket that fits your yoga and your lifestyle. Modern herringbone on one side and luxuriously soft brushed fleece on the other. Get cozy with this knit blanket at home or fold and roll the Plush Cotton Yoga Blanket to support your practice. Perfect for Savasana.

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Features +

  • Versatile support & lift
  • Soft & luxurious
  • Modern look

Specs +

  • 100% cotton
  • 58"" x 82"" (147 cm x 208 cm)

Product Care +

  • Cold Wash, Hang to Dry
  • It’s the perfect blanket for restorative. Not to soft but not too hard.

    - Robyn L.
  • I have been searching for a thick plush cotton blanket for a long time and am so glad to have finally found one. Time will tell if it stands up to daily use but so far so good!

    - Elizabeth W.
  • Love this blanket, very soft.

    - Linda M.
  • Love this blanket! So soft and warm! Works well for yoga and lounging on the couch!

    - Suzanne M.
  • I bought this blanket to go over my duvet in the winter time, to keep the heat in and for bolstering. I thought it’d be a bit thicker judging by the picture. Overall it’s very good quality. I like the fact that it’s organic cotton. My package came quickly.

    - Jocelyne H.
  • I've been ordering these blankets for a couple of years. The quality is not near the same. They are so thin now, almost like a sheet. Where one blanket would have sufficed for savasana or some restorative poses, with these blankets, you'd need two. Really disappointed.

    - Jerri J.
  • I recently purchased the light herringbone yoga blanket, and I have to say it's really great. It was thinner then I expected at first, but it folds wonderfully and has just enough weight for a really comfortable Savasana. All in all I would definitely recommend! I really enjoy what it's brought to my practice.

    - Suzy R.
  • soft, cozy. be ready to stay on the couch, in bed or wherever you decide to put this on and not leave! Warm and lightweight. LOVE this blanket! Use it for Yoga and for everyday coziness! <3

    - Nina K.
  • Blankets are my thing. When I saw this new product I HAD to have it. I absolutely love it. While it is a bit lighter-weight than the other yoga blankets that Halfmoon offers, which I value, I love the softness of the fleece! I take this blanket to class and I also snuggle with it at night.

    - Jennifer P.
  • I purchased the plush cotton yoga blanket as a birthday present for myself. It's SUPER soft on the inside, and a nice thick material on the other side. It's big enough and wide enough to entirely wrap around myself while doing restorative yoga and is great for that - but is also a nice weight for snuggling on the couch during cooler evenings. It's very well made and a great light weight blanket.

    - Heather T.
  • This blanket is so soft, so cozy... it's like wrapping yourself in a cloud before slipping into a deep savasana... It also folds very evenly which is perfect for gentle propping.

    - Kate M.

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