Mighty Mat

Mighty Mat
  • Lilac
  • Marine Flow
  • Lava Flow
  • Charcoal

Meet your new life-long friend! The durable Mighty Mat has superb traction and is the best choice for heavy use and high impact yoga.

Inspired by movement, change and going with the flow, our Lava Flow and Marine Flow Mighty Mats are uniquely marbled, with no two mats being the same. One of kind. Just like you.

LIFETIME GUARANTEE  (only applies to this lifetime)
This mat is guaranteed not to shred or wear out with regular use under normal conditions.

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Features +

  • Super durable
  • Nice and sticky
  • Non-toxic pvc (6p free)

Specs +

  • 4mm (3/16 inch) thick
  • 24" x 72" (61 cm x 183 cm)
  • 4.7 lbs (2.1 kg)
  • Made in China


Product Care +

  • Before using your mat for the first time, clean it thoroughly, then repeat as needed.
  • Spray with water or Halfmoon Mat Clean and wipe with a sponge or cloth.
  • Hang or lay flat to air dry.


  • So good! My order arrived within 2 days and the quality of the items I ordered was just awesome. Won’t go anywhere else

    - Jenelle H.
  • Love this mat! I've tried other brands before and this one has proven to be the best so far! Resistant and comfortable. Perfect balance.

    - Michele G.
  • I recently purchased a variety of items from HalfMoon & I couldn’t be happier! 4” blocks, covered foam blocks, straps, bolsters, blankets and mats. Everything is beautiful esthetically and of excellent quality. My students have been using the Mighty Mat and all have been happy with them. I should mention that the service I have received from my client care person @ HalfMoon, Cindy, has been amazing too.



    - Frances J.
  • The delivery was quick and I am very happy with the quility. The mat was alittle slippery at first but after a good few practises this mat has easily become on of my favorites. I recomend this mat, it has been through alot of rough treatment from myself and cats but still looks amazing!!

    - Trinity M.
  • Have had a regular Hatha yoga practice 20 years. Recently added hot yoga for a new experience and found my Pro mat slightly slippery. This mat is not even close to the grip of my Pro mat when sweating even though I have thoroughly cleaned off the residue. It is going back. Can't believe it is advertised as "nice and sticky"...Not.

    - Paul S.
  • Mat came and was impressed on how true to colour it was. Sometimes I'm reserved about ordering online for that reason. It's washed and drying ready for it's first use this week!

    - Jayme L.
  • Awesome mat! Good grip and cushioned, just takes a bit of breaking into.

    - Emilie B.
  • I really wanted to love this mat. After reading so many reviews and it being the chosen brand of my home studio I was excited to make this purchase. After one month of constant use I am sad to say I've never been so disappointed with a mat. I can't seem to get a grip. Both my hands and feet are constantly slipping, making for a very distracted practice :( I am done trying to make this mat work for me..

    - Kerstie
  • Love the new colours fo mighty mat! only problem with them is that the never wear out so I can justify a new color! lol
    Absolutely love my Ayruvedic copper water bottles too!

    - Carmon F.
  • Really enjoying this mat so far! As promised it is VERY grippy (make sure you give it a good wash before the first use!) which was the main priority for me doing prenatal yoga practice right now. It isn't the thickest/cushiest mat I've used (consistent with other reviews) but that is easily fixed with layering over my old mat or laying down a towel (hot yoga style). Overall I'm very pleased with the quality, and it arrived withing 48 hours of ordering - bonus!

    - Jocelin T.
  • Washed it before using as directed and felt my feet slowly sliding backward and hands slowly sliding forward in down dog.

    - Jerri J.
  • Just started using the mat and it appears to be of high quality.

    - Francesca L.
  • I purchased several Mighty Mats for my yoga studio. I couldn't believe that they have a lifetime warranty, I have never heard of a guarantee like that before, but I'll take it! They are a perfect thickness and seem to be very durable. There is a slippy surface on the new mats, but with use, it wears off and they become quite grippy. I highly recommend this mat, and Halfmoon will replace it if there is any chipping or wearing over time. I think that's a pretty fantastic guarantee.

    - Andrea C.
  • If you can only buy one mat this is the one! Thick and cushy, sturdy, and very grippy. This mat has stood the test of time, you won't be disappointed.

    - Susan G.
  • I have a small yoga studio and its been a pleasure getting my supplies through Halfmoon. The product and service is amazing and quick. The return policy is also great! No questions asked. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them.

    - Andrea T.
  • I received this mat as a gift about 8 months ago and was very excited about it. I am sorry to say I am now looking for something new. I don't find it sticky at all!!! Once my hands get the least bit sweaty they are slipping and sliding everywhere.

    - Tamara S.
  • My new mat feels great on my knees - it provides lots of cushioning. It’s heavy, but worth the weight.

    - Dale J.
  • I bought my first mighty mat almost 5 years ago, and am still using it. Bought another recently for a gift. Great traction and longevity.

    - Stephanie D.
  • Sturdy, lifetime warranty and I dont slip. Awesome!

    - Marion F.
  • Love this mat! Totally worth it and would order again!

    - Kristine E.
  • Having practised for two years using an organic rubber mat I required a slight increase in cushion for my knees. The mighty mat was perfect for matching grip of my rubber mat, while adding the cushion that I required. With a promise of life-time use, I found the mat to be of great value.

    - Brent S.
  • The Halfmoon Mighty Mat is so fabulous! All the qualities in a mat , especiLly for home practice!
    Dense, sticky and stable..... And inspiring colours!

    - Melissa H.
  • I've always loved your travel mat which I've had for a long time. I'm happy that the mighty mat has one side which feels the same as the travel mat but is thicker. I love it!

    - Marjut V.
  • Beautiful mat! Great quality props and fast delivery! Would buy from this company again!

    - Dorie A.
  • Very grippy, perfect thickness, very good quality at a great price point. I look forward to practicing on this mat for many years to come!!

    - Amber F.
  • I bought a mat off halftone because they are a local company. I've used a manduka pro for the last several years but wanted to try something new.

    Pros: Awesome customer service. The one I received had several defects in the material. Let a CSR rep know about it and they replaced it for me right away. Its Nice and grippy after you follow the directions for care too.

    Cons: thinner than my manduka pro but mind you it's 7.5lbs which isn't idea for travel. Also wish it was a few inches wider.

    Overall: this is the 4th mat I've bought. I like it better than Lululemon's the mat but I think my manduka is still my top pick.

    - Tiffany M.
  • It's a heavier mat than I expected, but I really love it. Lies flat nicely, is cushioned and is great for hot yoga.

    - Meghan C.
  • Great mat! Just wish it was a wee bit wider, wee bit longer.

    - Alisa F.
  • I am enjoying my Yoga mat immensely. It is sturdy and provides good cushion for my knees and joints. There is no sliding or slippage. All in all a fantastic product.

    - Claudette K.
  • The mat has proven great both indoors and out. Sticky enough so there is no sliding around. But able to move freely

    - Joan M.
  • Will be opening a centre soon and after trying many yoga mats chose the Mighty Mat as our mat of choice... it's sturdy enough to withstand lots of use, yet extremely comfortable, providing great support.

    - Pamela C.
  • I love my new matt. It's seems very durable and is a beautiful colour. No slipping or sliding during hot yoga either!

    - Shannon P.
  • I love how this mat is light and compact, yet thick, grippy, & supportive. Much lighter to pack around than previous mats I have had. Also comes in such beautiful colours!

    - Ashley P.
  • I love this mat. It's a great size for me. I'm 5'8" and there's lots of room for lunges. It's really got great grip. Definitely the best yoga mat I've ever owned.

    - Kelsey W.
  • I love this mat, it was definitely worth it! The right amount of thickness and grip (although its still a bit slippy, I’ve had it for about 2 weeks now and it is improving). Also a beautiful colour!

    - Emmy K.
  • appreciated the fast service for delivery….love the mats…

    - Kimberley F.
  • This is by far the best yoga mat I've used. I was hesitant to purchase due to price but it's totally worth it. The mat is slippery (and stinks like rubber!) at first but that goes away after a good cleaning and with use.

    - Heather B.
  • Best yoga mat I have ever had :) It's the perfect amount of comfort and stickiness.

    - Kristi W.
  • Took a while to get the slippery coating off. Once done though, this mat is awesome!

    - Lilianne C.
  • I am disappointed, this was not what I expected, it is slippery, and very heavy. I will be washing it down again, to try to get it less slippery

    - Deborah K.
  • Mat was slippery at first but after a cleaning and some use it is now the perfect stickiness

    - Linda B.
  • One end still has a roll on it. I have left it open since it arrived.

    - Lois M.
  • awesome this mat far exceeds my expectations

    - Stannis G.
  • I was so looking forward to scrap my cheepo mat from Costco and get my new Mighty Mat. While I was very happy with how dense it is and has great cushion it is not sticky in the least. I am finding it very hard to stay in position as my feet keep slipping! I have tried washing it several times thinking that maybe there is a “new” that I need to get rid of but problem still persists. I may have to place my old cheepo one over it to have the confidence in my hold.

    - Penny C.
  • This mat is truly everything Half Moon promised. I do hot yoga and it’s perfect!

    - Wilna F.
  • Love it.

    - Peter E.
  • Love this mat, I use it to teach and use it to practice. I take it every where with me!

    - Lisa G.
  • This mat is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a no slip. It is very dense and not soft like other mats, so if you want soft, this is not it. It gives me more stability which is great. Much heavier than other mats I've had. All in all, perfect for me.

    - Donna E.
  • Love this mat, its density is perfect. It simply does not budge under your feet or hands. And the colours are very nice!

    - Sandy L.
  • This mat is great. Extra cushion for harder surface floors. Color is rich.

    - mk s.
  • I really like my new Mat.

    - Claudia N.
  • I love this mat - the thickness is perfect for my use, and the grippy-ness is exactly what I have been looking for.

    - Sharron C.
  • Everyone who's purchased this may is super happy with it :thumbsup::type_3::thumbsup::type_3::thumbsup::type_3::thumbsup::type_3:

    - Caroline P.
  • I received my Mighty Mat and I'm extremely pleased with the quality. Even through an intense hot yoga class, it was amazing! I would totally recommend this product to others looking for a durable mat.

    - Lisa P.
  • I love the might mat-perfect for hardwood and ceramic floors, easy to clean and give wonderful cushioning on these floors. I actually have purchased 2 from half-moon for my son and this is the 3rd mat I bought from half-moon for myself. I keep 2 at the
    cottage and 1 here at home. Karin

    - Karin E.
  • This a very sturdy and durable mat.
    the only things I don't like is that it is COLD.
    I have other mats that are heavy duty and they do not get cold like this.
    I am reconsidering it now as I have been so cold on it everyday. Esp first thing in the morning i don't really enjoy using it...

    - Leanne J.
  • This mat is awesome, the color is amazing and the texture as well. The grip is great, making it my new best yogi friend. Thank you Halfmoon !

    - Michelle G.
  • I love my Mighty Mat! I love the berry color and how it doesn't kink like other mats that I have had.

    - Anna Y.
  • The mighty mat is a great product! I use it everyday and its so durable and I love the fun colors.

    - Kristy R.
  • I ordered 15 of these mats for my grade 8 yoga class. So far we have really enjoyed them, particularly as they are sticky and not slippery. Students can focus on the asanas rather than trying to fix their mat.

    - Melanie L.
  • Une très grande qualité de tapis. It's perfect!

    - Nadine A.
  • Very nice quality. Nice to have a little thicker mat. Lifetime mat is always a bonus and not needing to replace every few years.

    - Natalie C.
  • The mat is sturdy and stays put. All and all it is an excellent mat. It is rather heavy so not too great to lug around but, perfect for home practice.

    - Cynthia B.
  • LOVE THIS MAT, IT is a perfect choice for our gym! Doesn't shed and is great using!

    - Kristine E.
  • Love the mighty mat. It’s thick, durable and beautiful!

    - Tamara T.
  • I have just received my Might Mat (delivered in record speed time) and already love it. I was looking for a mat with super "sticky" power ---- and the Might Mat is perfect ---- very sticky. This feature prevents my feet and hands from slipping on the mat so that I can concentrate on the poses --- not on trying to prevent myself from slipping! I love the colour (berry) and the texture of this mat. Am totally happy --- thanks from Sue Smith, student of Iyengar Yoga in Sooke

    - Sue S.
  • I purchased this mat on the recommendation of a fellow yogi. Thinking...like I need another expensive mat. I was pleasantly surprised by the price and the mat is the bomb!!!! Two sides, fab cushioning, nice and long sticky grip (incidentally did my first HOT yoga class and didn't think to bring a towel...and there was no slipping around being hot and sweaty.) It's so sturdy and I love that it doesn't curl up at the ends from being rolled up.

    I highly recommend this mat! You won't regret it!

    - Dawn R.
  • Love this mat! Super grippy right from my first down dog. We're going to get along just fine.

    - beth
  • I originally purchased the Breathable Eco Mat. After a month of use I found it was far too slippy for my practice. Half Moon completely stood by their product and offered to exchange the mat for me. I am now using the Studio Pro and could not be more pleased.
    Excellent Canadian company.

    - Anonymous
  • Perfection!
    Nicely padded and not at all slippery.
    Feels great underfoot.

    - Leora Roth

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