Round Meditation Cushion Limited Edition + Zabuton

Wildflower + Aubergine
  • Wildflower + Aubergine
  • Charcoal Ikat + Charcoal
  • Indigo Ikat + Storm
  • Moonstone + Charcoal
  • In-Use

The Zabuton and Round Zafu are a luxurious combination for meditation and casual sitting at home. Save when you purchase as a set here!

The Round Zafu is designed to help you sit tall with relaxed, happier hips. Based on the traditional design, its simple shape is time-tested and perfect for new and experienced meditators alike. The Zabuton is the perfect size and shape to support your legs and feet. The soft platform lifts you off the floor. As a pair, these cushions provide the extra cushioning you need to maintain a comfortable seated position.

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Features +

  • Handcrafted at Halfmoon in Vancouver
  • Zafu:
    Adjustable support for best sitting posture
    Shape allows ankles to tuck in to the body
    Handy carry handle
  • Zabuton: 
    Removable cover

Specs +

  • Zafu:
    18" x 5" (46 cm x 13 cm) 
    6.0 lbs (2.7 kg)

    Cover: 100% Cotton
    Fill: natural buckwheat hulls
  • Zabuton:
    24" x 30" x 4" (61 cm x 76 cm x 10 cm)
    6.8 lbs (3.0 kg)
    Cover: 100% Cotton
    Inside: cotton batting in unbleached cotton casing

Product Care +

  • Zafu: unzip case and pour hulls into a bag. Cold wash cover, hang to dry, refill.
  • Zabuton: simply remove cover. Cold wash, hang to dry.
  • Great product. Has improved my meditation practice by supporting my spine and legs. Love it. Highly recommend.

    - Geena B.
  • My sit set is fabulous and has become a great asset in my daily practice!

    - robin b.
  • Great quality, I’m impressed with the durability of this sit set. Beautiful fabric as well

    - Kelsey W.
  • Clearly well made, and definitely comfortable. I love the moonstone design!

    - Kaylee H.
  • I love this product! I recently started to meditate and I absolutely love practicing with this! :)

    - Elnaz B.
  • This duo is comfortable, chic, and practical. Everything I was looking for. Very well made. I would definitely order again.

    - Charlene P.
  • Love this new set! Great for my meditation practice. The set arrived really quickly too.

    - Stephanie D.
  • Love the colour combination and very comfortable/supportive.

    - Corie R.
  • The zafu and zabuton I just ordered from Halfmoon were even better than I anticipated. They are very well made with very good quality material. I'm sure they will last me for a very long time. I would recommend Halfmoon's meditation cushions to all my friends without hesitation

    - Alexandra D.
  • Placing the order was simple and straight-forward. Delivery was not super quick but it didn't take forever either. The product came in a HUGE box. The quality of the product is great. I am happy with my purchase and will more than likely buy more items from Halfmoon :)

    - NL P.
  • I ordered a round Zafu/Zabuton, as well as a meditation chair. Both the Zafu and Zabuton are a great addition with the chair. I am so much more comfortable during my meditations. Not feeling pain means that I can focus so much better. I am more than pleased with each piece. Not only has it inspired me to meditate more, my kids are eager to join in!! Looks like I will have to order a few more pieces in the future. Thank you Halfmoon!

    - Tammy B.
  • This meditation sitting set is awesome! I am fairly new to meditation and I always had trouble being truly comfortable....until this set! It makes perfect posture and comfort possible! I simply LOVE it! I highly recommend this set! The colors are beautiful...the material is very durable and I love how easy it is to wash! Great product! So impressed!

    - Chantal P.
  • Love it!

    - Josianne T.
  • Cumbersome to transport. Rectangle cushion really only for home use

    - Jodi H.
  • Super comfy and well made. Found a lot of the buckwheat hulls leaking out of the zafu at first. Am hoping the zipper was just not closed tightly. Maybe a liner for the zafu as well? Regardless, I love them... And the customer service I received from Chantelle was excellent!! (:

    - Amy W.
  • Supportive and comfortable.

    - Chris H.
  • Love this set. Very functional and comfortable. I love the quality of material and the pattern! A must have set for meditation!

    - Rachel F.
  • I wasn't sure if it would be worth it at first but I am very happy i purchased the Zafu and Zabuton combo. Very comfy!

    - Rob W.
  • I am just starting to meditate. This set is so pretty and fits into my space very well. It is very inviting, so helping me get into a routine.

    - Kelly H.
  • So comfortable! Perfect size. Material is soft yet feels very durable. Colours are rich. I'm thinking of buying another set for my mum.

    - Megan B.
  • I practice daily meditation on my zafu and zabuton and I really prefer having the added support of th zabuton. It gives my ankles and knees a comfortable foundation and I find myself settling into stillness so much faster. I also use both of my cushions for when I am offering Reiki to clients. The firmness of both these pieces is amazing and I find both my halfmoon products to be very high quality. I only wish I would have purchased them sooner!

    - Lisa G.
  • Absolutely amazing cushions. My kids are drawn to them and want to join me to meditate…I had to get a second set and may add further so the kids can all participate!

    - Jill
  • I love my new set. It came promptly and I will not hesitate to place more orders in the future.

    - Mona B.
  • Not only did this product ship extremely fast but I love it! I am newer to meditation and this provides great support and good for hip opening. Highly recommended and I love the colour!

    - Erin T.
  • I recently purchased a round zafu and a zabuton and I am very pleased about the high quality of the items. I will certainly buy more products in the future. Thank you.

    - Massimo A.
  • I love my new sit set! It is beautifully made and exactly what I needed for my new meditation practice. It is very comfortable and enables me to drift into my meditative state with no aches or pains. Love love love it. Highly recommend!

    - Rebecca W.
  • I am a newbie to yoga and this set will get a lot of use. Very comfortable and versatile.

    - Connie C.
  • My boyfriend bought me this set for Christmas and I love it! I couldn't wait to use it when I got it. I can meditate for longer in comfort and have even started meditating more often. Highly recommend.

    - Suzanne
  • Great design, great quality, it has definitely enhanced my meditation practice! Thank you Half Moon!

    - Corinne A.
  • The items shipped very well and I was very pleased when I opened the package. The zafu an zabuton colours, material and feel are wonderful. These are Christmas gifts for my daughter and I think she will be thrilled. Thank you.

    - Louise H.
  • I really enjoy this set. I'm at the perfect height for me and can keep my hips ankles comfortable. Plus it's pretty.

    - Ruth E.
  • I bought this as a gift and it did not disappoint! Very nice design, good fabric, well sewn. Would buy again and again.

    - Jennifer C.
  • Great quality, zafu larger then I expected but all in all great!

    - Andrea V.
  • I absolutely love my zafu and zabuton, and having the set has allowed me to set up a comfortable little meditation space for myself. My meditation practice has become an integral part of my self-care practice, and the pattern and colours I selected for myself are inviting and make this feel like MY space. (My only caution is to consider pet hair when choosing your colours. My cats like it as much as I do.) I have injuries to my back and feet, which generally make sitting to meditate fairly uncomfortable in any position. This has been greatly improved by this meditation set. My feet don't bend properly, and the zabuton has provided the cushioning I needed to be able to sit cross-legged. The zafu wasn't quite tall enough for me, but I just added some buckwheat hulls which brought it up to the height and firmness that I needed. Both the zafu and zabuton are very well made with durable materials, and I expect they will have a very long life. I highly recommend these products

    - Alexis A.
  • So, I now prefer these cushions to sitting on the couch, which has gone far beyond my expectations of a meditation cushion. I was happily surprised by the combined weight and durability of the fabric. Highly recommended!

    - farron s.
  • I'm newer to a seatedmeditation practice and was having a difficult time moving past discomfort. This has changed everything. I'm super comfortable with this set and I no longer worry about aches and pains in my legs and hips. I'm able to really focus on meditation.

    - Kimberly K.
  • Love your quality products and your fast service:heart:️

    - Gail P.
  • This is the first thing I sold when I got in my new meditation pillow stock. The customer loves them!

    - Jocelyn
  • Bought this for my wife to use during meditation, but I find that I have been using it more. I'm not using it to meditate, just to sit while reading, watching TV or listening to podcasts - it's very comfortable and has helped me work on flexibility, etc. The materials and construction are high quality, four stars because the costs seem very high to me.

    - Joe M.
  • I love the Zafus and zabutons! They look as great as they feel in my studio!

    - Sandra S.
  • I have always had problems sitting on the ground long enough to actually meditate but this combo on pillows has been so helpful. Especially now that the floors are getting colder as winter comes early!

    - Samantha Z.
  • Not only is my ROUND ZAFU + ZABUTON sit set great looking, it is also super comfortable and durable too. The ZABUTON provides cushioned support below my legs and the Zafu the perfect tilt for my hips, allowing me to sit longer and more comfortably.

    - Harmony Z.
  • j'ai reçu ma commande dans le temps prévu directement à la maison.

    Les coussins sont de très belle qualité. Et vraiment le zafuton aide au confort.

    - Marie-Claude S.
  • Pleasantly surprised with the quality materials used. The zafu and zabuton are nicely paired and sitting/meditating is very comfortable. Highly recommended for meditation and floor sitting.

    - Allen W.
  • The round zafu has a nice firmness to it and the zabuton is very comfortable to sit on. I can sit on this set for quite some time without my legs going to sleep. I love my set!

    - Shari F.
  • My legs don't fall asleep anymore! Round zafu and zabuton are comfortable and excellent quality.

    - Lynda S.
  • It was very comfortable and I love it.

    - Marina M.
  • Love love love. The colours are as shown online.

    - Tania

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