Meditation Chair

Meditation Chair

Inside, outside, at home or away, this chair has your back. It’s perfect for your meditation practice, retreats or picnics. With five different seating angles and a comfy cushion, you can find the support you need. The removable, washable cover is easy to care for, and the durable, lightweight frame means it can go with you anywhere.

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Features +

  • Adjusts to 5 positions
  • Comfy padded seat
  • Lightweight & portable

Specs +

  • Open:  23˝ × 15˝ × 23˝ | 58.5 cm × 38 cm × 58.5 cm
  • Folded:  23˝ × 15˝ × 5˝ | 58.5 cm × 38 cm × 12.7 cm
  • 4 lbs 1.8 kg
  • Made in Taiwan

Product Care +

  • Spot clean with a damp cloth.
  • I do several long retreats a year and find that after the first day, sitting for more than 30 minutes becomes painful for my lower back. This is a game changer!! I can sit for an hour without pain. For extra support, I just slip a small pillow in the small of back and sitting is a joy!! I knew it would help, but I didn't think it would be this great :)

    - Tasha
  • This is excellent for beginners in meditation as it support the back and, amazing for group session.

    - Caroline L.
  • I bought the meditation chair as well as the mod cushion as I wanted to have two options to meditate with when I go on a Vipassana Meditation retreat in Spring 2019. I was also just tired of using my dining room chair as my meditation chair and find these incredibly comfortable and useful. I really love the chair for my morning meditations with a pillow underneath my knees especially when I want to sit for longer periods of time. Thank you for the excellent service!

    - Marlo P.
  • Works!

    - Kiersten C.
  • love them! perfect for our Sunday Soul Circles and meditations!

    - Carmon F.
  • I really like this chair. Its great to be able to sit right on the floor but still have back support and something to lean on. It seems like pretty good quality. I would say its overpriced for what it is. But its a cool kind of chair that Ive only seen on halfmoon.

    - Elyse S.
  • Surprised as to the support it gives, have used other supports at retreats
    and this one shines above the rest.

    - Gary H.
  • Portable and great quality!

    - Kristine T.
  • It was like Christmas opening the box of meditation chairs and eye cushions! Great quality, and amazing service! I cannot wait for my students to try them out!

    - Lesley J.
  • love it

    - Amber A.
  • Seems well built so far and is very comfortable.

    - Caroline N.
  • Fantastic for meditating and keepingan upright posture, very comfortable and adjustable to suit your comfort level. Very happy with the comfort and stbility of this chair.

    - Stacey H.
  • Received my chair and cushions yesterday. They are perfect. I used them this morning and they are very comfortable. Construction of the chair seems very durable.

    - Darrell J.
  • They are so comfortable and very much needed as otherwise I'm not able to stay seated for class

    - Manpreet D.
  • Hello I really love the fabric and the size. Also this chair is quite comfortable. I would rate it between a 3 and 4 as opposed to a 5 because of the mechanics of adjusting the position. I gave a lesson to my class on how to use the chair but I see people fussing with adjusting it all of the time. It is quite noisy while being adjusted in a quiet room as I teach meditation and mindfulness . I would’ve actually loved a chair that didn’t adjust and considered returning this one. Just for ease. I like purchasing your products your Canadian made your fabrics are beautiful and all of my equipment is from your company which I like to support. It’s nice that people can put the back on the chair lower and use it for guided meditations as opposed to laying down it’s a great option but they have a very challenging time getting the chair into the position that they want. I often have to come and help people. It just makes it a bit fussy.
    I have loved the zafus and meditation cushions! 5 out 5 for them!

    - Sandra S.
  • I bring my meditation chairs with me to teach classes, workshops and retreats and both myself and my students love them. It offers additional support and comfort for longer sitting times and can be utilized in so many different ways. I especially love that they are easy to store & transport. As well, I can remove the fabric easily for washing. I love buying local and knowing these are handmade in Canada is amazing. Thank you Halfmoon!

    - Jen T.
  • lovethischair

    - Fred -.
  • Functional, multiple settings, pretty good to transport to and from meditation spaces, and great cushioning!

    - Greg M.
  • Love my meditation chair! It's the perfect portable chair with great back support... very sturdy. Love it!

    - Dana G.
  • His chair is beyond comfortable. I never sit to meditate, I would always lie down. Then I got this chair - I feel I am more mindful when I meditate now because I am less apt to doze off (not that that is always a bad thing!).

    - Melissa S.
  • Bought to take to a retreat. Folds easily and compactly and has its own plastic case. Not too heavy (the fact that it doesn't have fabric on the back part decreases weight/bulk, nice charcoal color(not too bright, zen and modern), reclining function works well, supportive. LOVE IT! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

    - Urvi J.
  • OMG this is the best chair. I have used it everyday since I received it and it has helped my back immensely. My back has weak at L4 and it gives me the extra support I need. I definitely recommend this to anyone who has similar issues.

    - pia f.
  • "I've just ordered the meditation chair last week & I would like to share what I've experienced, I am so glad I am the 24th reviews. The chair is so great, it's so good-looking, sturdy, light-weight, with a very comfortable cushion, good price, very good customer service + prompt delivery, and most important ... A CHAIR WITH VERY GOOD BACK SUPPORT (No more pain in the back :) :) :)! But here just my personal point of view ... there are 5 reclining positions on the back rest and that's really good for meditator like me, but is it possible to consider one more 90-degree upright position? This will be perfect as I prefer to sit straight during my meditation. No doubt I will recommend this chair to other meditators who suffer lower back pain like me. I am so happy I can take this chair with me for my next summer meditation course in 2018, I am very much looking forward for that. Thanks so much for all the staffs at Halfmoon, YOU ARE SO NUMBER ONE. For sure I will give you a 6-stars if there's such a choice. Warmly, Ivy Don"

    - Ivy D.
  • My large cushions and the triangle cushion really helps with my left ankle due to surgery in which it is hard to cross my legs as my ankle rubs in the floor
    So this combo yoga cushions are PERFECT !
    I'm telling everyone about Halfmoon Vancouver!

    - Elly K.
  • The only drawback to this good product is that I find the cushion is too low for my hips so I need to find something else to sit on to raise my pelvis enough to take the strain off my knees and hips. It would be good if there was an option for a higher seat portion.

    - Jack G.
  • very comfortable, I really like my chair, it's exactly what I was looking for

    - Chantal P.
  • Excellent quality and speedy delivery.

    - Jordana G.
  • Like this chair. It is sturdy enough but light and fit into regular travel luggage. Worked well!

    - Guest
  • This meditation is very comfortable. It's portable and perfect for my practice.

    - Eva M.
  • I LOVE it! Very comfortable and helps my back problems when I meditate. The service and shipping was excellent! Thank you!

    - Tanya M.
  • Good sturdy chairs

    - Tanya R.
  • I have 10 of these chairs for my groups, and people love them. The offer back support and a padding to help tilt the pelvis and keep the spine in a neutral position. If I do not have enough chairs, people always miss them!

    - Colynn V.
  • Very comfortable due to thick cushion. Folds flat which is a bonus. I'll be getting more for the studio!

    - Marjut V.
  • These chairs are what make or break you during long workshops or teacher training weekend. Priceless for back support!! Must have.

    - camilla w.

    - Kim P.
  • I love the sense of support from the back, even though I found I didn't need to rely on that support to maintain better meditation posture. I just need to figure out how to sit more forward on my sit bones for a longer meditation to avoid numb bum!

    - Hazel P.
  • Really love this chair. The seat is very comfortable and love that the back is adjustable!

    - Elizabeth B.
  • This is a great chair. Actually, I'm sitting on it right now as I'm typing this review. I use it everyday at school. I'm studying yoga therapy and as is the way with yogis - we sit on the floor. It's been a great relief to have some back support and the seat makes a good headrest when I'm in savasana. The only thing I'd change is using a more dense foam in the seat (more cush for the tush).

    All in all, a good investment. And it was delivered so quickly! Thanks Halfmoon.

    - Monique D.
  • Wonderful for creating a group circle in meditation. Comfortable and easy to store.

    - nancy w.
  • The chair is good and seems sturdy. I only wish it had one more setting to sit up in an even more up-right way but I'm being extra picky! I like that it comes with a heavy-duty plastic bag to carry it around in, if necessary.

    - Anne B.
  • I love my half moon meditation chair as it's really comfortable, compact and it's so good for your back. I use it all the time, even when I work on the computer. If you are looking for some extra back support or working towards sitting on the floor more, I would highly recommend this chair.

    - Phyllis C.
  • These are so comfortable for workshops, rather than trying to sit on the floor without back support. Being adjustable even makes them better.

    - Janet G.
  • Great quality and love the reclining option.

    - Ashley C.
  • This little chair is awesome. I like sitting on the floor at home, or in the grass, but need back support. This little chair is perfect for reading, meditating, colouring… Definitely happy with it.

    - Camille P.

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