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Attention all yogis, weekend warriors, couch potatoes and people who are trapped in office chairs. Show your body a little kindness with a massage anytime, anywhere. Use massage balls individually by placing one between the wall or floor and your tight muscle, or together placed on either side of your spine. You control how deep or gentle the massage.

• Use the balls alone to target specific muscles, or as a pair rolling along each side of your spine.
• Use on the hands and feet to stimulate reflexology points
• Lay the ball under the back of your head at the suboccipital area to calm headaches

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Features +

  • Release tight muscles
  • Relieve headaches
  • Improve range of motion
  • Increase flexibility
  • Stimulate energetic flow

Specs +

  • 4" (10 cm) diameter
  • Medium firmness
  • Made in Taiwan
  • Both of my adult children have these massage balls and highly recommended them to me. I ordered them along with the cylindrical bolster and love everything! I take the massage balls in the car and on the plane when I travel to loosen any tight areas. The bolster is wonderful to lay over and open up the pectoral area. Ordering was easy, shipping was fast, and customer service is excellent! Thank you so much.

    - Janet C.
  • I love my balls. So do all those who role their feet or sore body parts over them. Keep those quality products coming.

    - Linda B.
  • Whether it is rolling around on my back, along my spine, lingering in the Qua Nests of my hips, or the front of my shoulder nests, or leaning my weary tired soles of my feet and toes on them... these massage balls are the bees knees.

    I have been using them for a few years now for both my restorative and therapeutic practices and my Tensegrity practice. I am loving them and my students and clients are loving them. I have event packed them in my luggage for my excursions abroad. After a day of hiking mountains, walking the streets of a mysterious ancient city or wandering the streets of Las Vegas... these spiky little wonders have been a foot, and body, life-saver. Two is great, but I've got a whole bag for my friends and visitors for when they come over for a gathering. The more the merrier!

    - Tim C.
  • Love these to massage my feet, and to use on pressure points for my sciatica. They are a bit large for my liking on my back...wish there were a size in between the large and small.

    - Karen H.
  • These are the best massage balls I have tried.
    Most are too small or too hard but these are perfect for many areas of the body.
    Very pleased with them !

    - Nancy F.
  • Great size to work out some aches in my back. Not too hard and quite comfortable to use leaning against the wall.

    - Jennifer L.
  • Everybody in my yoga class loves them. I should have ordered more.

    - Tamara H.
  • These balls work great for foot rolling, arm rolling (I rock climb), and along the spine. The firmness is perfect and I use one daily!

    - Leah P.
  • These balls are well built!

    - Michael S.
  • I love these things!!! they are great for release of muscles everywhere! Feet, hands, back, shoulders (omg shoulders!)!! Thank you!!!

    - Sybil W.
  • very good! sturdy enough yet flexible, feels great on the feet too!

    - jenn m.
  • These are great massage balls. Nice size for travel. Combined with my halfmoon roller, I have everything I need for great fascial care!

    - Marianne W.
  • I got these on the advice of my massage therapist, as she is supporting me in breaking up adhesions to help me with back and psoas pain. They are really amazing! They are made with great quality, are strong and flexible, and are really helping!

    - Janet G.
  • Excellent. Roll them under your feet, hands, buttocks, back, shoulders, thighs for welcome relief from muscle tension, nerve tingling, aches or just for the pure pleasure of it.

    - Gail B.
  • Versatile and effective, these balls are very popular with my yoga students.

    - Alison R.
  • I had a student with lower back issues that had been doing very well. He used the balls as described in the little card, and it triggered something in his back. He had to leave the class, and 4 weeks later, after multiple chiro treatments, he has not been able to return. Other students love the balls. A warning would have helped prevent this.

    - Suzanne Tremblay
  • Love the relief the massage balls provide. They help to take my stress away!!

    - Kelly
  • I had a pair of massage balls before; however, I found them small and they continuously lost air. While I was intimidated by the spiny appearance, I am pleased with the results I can achieve.

    - Valerie Critchlow c/o Margaret Critchlo
  • A little big - I understand there is a smaller size. Do you offer it?

    Fantastic shipping - you are a wonderful company to deal with.

  • I find these are fairly gentle, and in certain spots that's just what I need! A good addition to my growing massage ball collection.

    - Magda S.
  • Love them. Much much better than the tennis ball I was using. These have good firmness but don't leave bruises and feel really good on those sore points.

    - Dawn Lybarger
  • Great feeling for massaging the feet, legs and glutes. A bit much for the back I find. But my clients are loving them.

    - Allison

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