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Revitalize your tired, hardworking feet! Made from a soft, comfortable gel, Joy-a-Toes are the most versatile patented toe spreaders available. 

Joy-A-Toes are available in Small and Large, but it’s not about your foot size. It’s about how much space you have between your toes. Those new to using toe spreaders like Joy-A-Toes should ALWAYS choose the small size.

Start out wearing your Joy-A-Toes 5-20 minutes at a time, 3 times per day. As your feet realign and open, increase how long and how frequently you wear your Joy-A-Toes.

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Features +

  • Relax and rejuvenate feet that are tired, achy, or tight
  • Help your feet recover from wearing high heels
  • Realign the bones and soft tissue
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Increase flexibility and strength
  • Open up energy channels to revitalize your entire body

Specs +

  • Made of a comfortable gel material
  • Designed in Vancouver, Canada
  • Made in Taiwan

Product Care +

  • Wash your Joy-a-Toes with hand or dish soap and hot water.
  • Air dry.
  • Will not order from half moon again unfortunately shipping charges are much too high - Judi barry

    - Judith B.
  • They have become part of my morning and evening routines
    I often have cramps in my feet especially in the mornings and the stretch has been so great!

    - Kate S.
  • Recommended by my physio for my bunion. Was also immensely helpful in strengthening the small muscles in my feet following several tarsal crush microfractures. Started with the small size and progressed to the larger size. Perfect to wear during yoga. Have given them as gifts to a couple of friends. Highly recommended!

    - Urvi J.
  • Great product comfortable to wear

    - Joy C.
  • I've been wearing the Joy-a-Toes for the past four years in my Tensegrity practice. At first they felt awkward and foreign to my feet, but once they were integrated into my practice... my whole body feels the difference with more space in my feet. I first started wearing them at night or during bath time, so I wasn't putting pressure on my feet to begin to feel what the added space felt like. Waking up in the morning they had dislodged from my toes and found their way to other spots in the bed, but it was a good start to feeling what they would feel like. Eventually wearing them around the house and getting used to standing and walking with them. Now, they are in my pocket whenever I head out to a class.

    NOTE: keep a business card or your name and phone number in the satchel so it you misplace them, someone might be able to contact you to return them to their happy owner. ... Space!

    - Tim C.
  • Joy-a-Toes has been wonderful in managing sore, arthritic toes, the results are amazing. The pain diminishes quickly and I can feel that the toes are more aligned. It does take awhile to adjust, the benefits are well worth it!

    - Louise T.
  • My yoga teacher suggested I try joy a toes for my bunions. Wow, what a difference, I wear them around the house and during my practice. I have much more stability in my stance and no more achy feet either. Fabulous product !!!

    - Marlene E.
  • Excellent for making connection with your whole foot to the floor while walking. Big difference in grounding when they come out.

    - Sondy T.
  • I love my Joy-a-Toes, from a foot rehab perspective they have helped me a lot. They have helped to up my feet, stretching the deep intrinsic muscle of the foot has making a huge difference in my foot tightness and now with my foot more open it is easier to strengthen.

    - Kelly A.
  • One of our favourite products from Halfmoon! A must wear at the end of the day!

    - Samira D.
  • These toe spacers are great for stretching out your feet after a long day. They can take a bit to get used to, but it's worth it!

    - Stefanie G.
  • I bought the large size since I have some natural spacing between my toes they fit well and feel great but I wish they came slightly bigger as well

    - Kristin S.
  • I absolutely love the Joy-A-Toes! They are very comfortable and easy to clean. I love that it spaces all of your toes so evenly. I'm currently wearing the small and it's still a great size, don't need the large just yet!

    The Half Moon Yoga Products customer service is also incredible, going above and beyond my expectations. Thank you (shoutout to Chantelle)!

    - Heier ..
  • Thank you for the new Joy-a-Toes and meditation cushion (which also looks great on the love seat)! Practice makes perfect, and I've been practicing life and laughter with your products. I highly recommend. Delivery was speedy too. Bonus! Namaste

    - Anne-Marie L.
  • Great product. I have been using them for one week only 5 minutes a day after work and feel my foot different.

    - Miriam G.
  • I got a pair of these recommended by a friend for my calf pain. I am on my feet all day so my feet and calves get really sore. I wear these at night around the house and I have noticed a considerable difference in my leg pain! I wear a shoe size 7 in womens so I got the small size and they fit comfortably. They're also really sturdily made and are easy to clean.

    - Laura C.
  • They are so easy to use! I wear them around the house all the time, and I am planning to encorporate them into my yoga practice now that I am used to them.

    - Tanya S.
  • I've only been using these for a week but am already loving them. They are helping to make my feet feel so much better! I've got some lovely bunions with great toe joint pain and the discomfort has. Even greatly reduced!!
    As well, I must sing the praises of Halfmoon. There was an UPS mix up with delivery location. I contacted Halfmoon and they were prompt in their reply and very helpful. So happy to now have my order in hand!!
    Thank you Halfmoon!!

    - Kelly M.
  • Joya toes are fantastic for straightening your toes and feet, connecting with your meridian lines and feeling a rooting connection with the earths surface.
    I have used two sizes for several years and they helped immensely by initially straightening my feet and furthermore enhancing my practice and well being.
    Highly recommended!

    - Ian
  • Very cool

    - Lana M.
  • These little rubbery wonders give welcome relief from chronic foot pain. I’ve been using them daily to relieve bunion pain and generally tight/achey feet.

    - Jennifer W.
  • I am so happy I finally bought this product. A few years ago a jammed a bone in my foot, and it has never felt right since and started causing problems with my ankles as well. Wearing these everyday for 30 minutes or more feels so good, I can feel my feet relax into them which just makes me feel good all around. I didn't have any issues with getting used to them either, it was like they just fit on the first wear.

    - Angela C.
  • Now I just have to get used to them!

    - Blythe U.
  • i started with the small size, as recommended and can feel a difference in my sensation through my toes, especially trying to wake up that pinky toe!! Thanks, great product

    - Rosemary C.
  • I recently acquired some small Joy-a-Toes to help for me and my students to evenly spread the spaces between our toes. We have being wearing them for the 1st 15 minutes of yoga practice and really notice an improvement in connection of my forefoot to the mat contributing to better balance. One of my students who has bunions and arthritis in her feet reported less arthritic pain on walking since wearing yoga toes.

    - Carol B.
  • My feet are often tired and these have helped them feel rejuvenated.

    - Kyla K.
  • Je suis en train d'apprivoiser mes Joy-a-toes et je réalise que certains jours, j'ai les pieds/orteils plus tendus que d'autres.
    J'ai bien fait de suivre le conseil de commencer par des small (même si j'avais déjà les orteils espacées).

    - Frédérique B.
  • Since I started using Joy-a-Toes, by feet are more relaxed and no longer cramp up in certain yoga poses. In fact, for the first time, I can “spread my toes” when my yoga teacher prompts us!
    Great product!

    - Susan M.
  • Joy-toes are excellent for realigning my toes. They feel great and create muscle memory in my feet which is visible after I take them off.

    - Gail B.
  • I really enjoy this product. Very gently open the toes over time.

    - Robyn L.
  • I love my Joy-a-Toes. They remind me of my toes, and help develop a conscientious well-rooted practice.

    - Linda B.
  • Bought the size small. They were tight and could only wear them for short periods of time. But it was like a good stretch for your toes. Feet felt a lot better after.

    - ANDREA G.
  • A friend told me about Joy-a-toes to help ease the discomfort of bunions. Just after a couple of times of wearing them, my feet are much happier. They are especially "soothing" after a long day in work shoes.

    - R Y.
  • Nice product for stretching toes and forefeet. Easy to use. I use them while meditating.

    - Sue M.
  • These are amazing! I love to wear them every evening :)

    - Stephanie
  • I'm really enjoying my new joy-a-toes. My feet are feeling much better.

    - Bonnie H.
  • after a long day. Great product!

    - Andrea
  • Ordering on line was fast and easy. My Joy a toes arrived within and few days. Joy a toes are fantastic and they also make a great gift for your yogi friends.

    - Fred Reynolds
  • I am still getting used to my joy a toes and use them 1 -3 times daily. They should help to straighten out my toes in time.

    - Rose
  • The best feeling is taking them off! They really open up your toes and walking around in them is a chore! But it feels so good once you take them off and realize how great your feet feel. Kind of like going to a yoga class - it's tough to get started but you never regret going.

    - marlene
  • I find the Joy-a-Toes a great way to help spread the toes evenly and walk evenly on the feet. It seems to help align the feet correctly. Although they felt strange at first, they are very comfortable to wear even to do yoga.

    - Pamela Nelson
  • I love these. Unlike some brands, you can actually walk in these and wear them during a barefoot movement practice. After 2 years of owning and using these religiously, I see a huge difference in my previously scrunched up and bunion prone toes. I've told everyone I know to get a pair for foot health!

    - Adrienne

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