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Revitalize your tired, hardworking feet! Made from a soft, comfortable gel, Joy-a-Toes are the most versatile patented toe spreaders available. 

Joy-A-Toes are available in Small and Large, but it’s not about your foot size. It’s about how much space you have between your toes. Those new to using toe spreaders like Joy-A-Toes should ALWAYS choose the small size.

Start out wearing your Joy-A-Toes 5-20 minutes at a time, 3 times per day. As your feet realign and open, increase how long and how frequently you wear your Joy-A-Toes.

CAD $43.00
Availability: Usually ships in 24 Hours


  • Relax and rejuvenate feet that are tired, achy, or tight
  • Help your feet recover from wearing high heels
  • Realign the bones and soft tissue
  • Stimulate circulation
  • Increase flexibility and strength
  • Open up energy channels to revitalize your entire body


  • Made of a comfortable gel material
  • Designed in Vancouver, Canada
  • Made in Taiwan

Product Care

  • Wash your Joy-a-Toes with hand or dish soap and hot water.
  • Air dry.
  • Hi! I have been having trouble with my feet on and off for a few years now. I have bad plantar fasciitis and some times taking more than a few steps is painful. I also was finding that when I woke up in the morning and put weight on me feet, it felt like the whole foot was going to crack.

    I've started doing yoga regularly, but also purchased a pair of these! I can only wear them for 5-10 minutes at a time right now, but I am wearing them 3-4x per day. I can not say how impressed I am with the difference. Walking is no longer painful and my feet feel so much better!!!

    - Rachel Strubinger
  • Loving them! Easy to get between my toes and they came with a great little storage bag. I use them at least 20 minutes a day. They feel great when on and my toes tingle with delight when they are off.

  • I love my Joy-a-Toes! I put them on as soon as I wake up and wear them whenever I'm home,even in the shower.My elderly, mis-aligned foot bones are getting back in form, and even my knees feel better. Outside, my food action in regular shoes is also getting back to normal and comfortable again.THANKS!

    - Barbara Mackenzie
  • Fit well, affordable price, easy to clean and lovely to wear!

    - Josee Fontaine from Shala Yoga
  • Amazing!
    Can't live without them.
    Suggest them to many of my yoga clients

  • Good quality product. I ordered size small and it will take a while before I can call them Joy-a-Toes but am working on it.

    - Christine Hardy
  • Interesting product ,More expensive than I'd like but i do enjoy them and walk around the house in them frequently especially after work.Ahh :)

    - susan
  • Love them already! They take a little getting used to but my feet are thanking me!

    - Kathryn Nicholson
  • after a long day. Great product!

    - Andrea
  • Ordering on line was fast and easy. My Joy a toes arrived within and few days. Joy a toes are fantastic and they also make a great gift for your yogi friends.

    - Fred Reynolds
  • I ordered size Large for my husband's size 12 feet and they're very effective in separating his toes, especially between the big toe and second toe.

    - Karin Young
  • I've been waiting quite some time to buy these toe spreaders, and now I wish I'd gotten them sooner! Put these on my left foot and they were uncomfortable and pinchy, but on my right foot they felt amazing! Looks like I have some realigning to do ...

    - Nicole Aracki
  • Joy is the correct name for these beauts!
    Everyone I introduce them to loves them!

    - cindy andison
  • I am still getting used to my joy a toes and use them 1 -3 times daily. They should help to straighten out my toes in time.

    - Rose
  • I am very happy with the SMALL size of my new Joy-a-Toes.

    Thank you so much!!!

    - Huguette Beauchamp
  • After many years of toes jammed into stilletos, these are a great way to provide some benefit to my feet. I use them for short periods at a time and gradually building up the amount of time I wear them. They stay in place and the gel is very comfortable!

    - Roxanne
  • When I ordered This item, I did not notice that we had To choose a size. We received large size and they are too big for us.

    - Huguette Beauchamp
  • Puts a smile on all my toes and my feet

    - jodi lee
  • Love it!

    - Denise Lear
  • Ok these are the neatest things to wear. They make your feet look funny when they are on but they work! I have very flat feet so foot pain is common for me even with my insoles. I wore these for about 3 days 20 mins a time and then went shopping. I had to pain at all. Now I wear them everyday after work. I highly recommend. They are a little pricy I know but we'll worth it

    - Cassandra
  • I have a pair of joy-a-toes and use them regularly. My mom is hoping they will help her feet.

    - Christine Fetterly
  • I'm still wearing the small size (also got the large size in the same order). Even though small is pretty comfortable already - I can easily wear them for an hour or two - it's good advice to work up to the large size. As I only received them a couple weeks ago, I can't yet speak much for long-term results, but my feet do feel awesome after any session of wearing them.

  • Our studio has sold so many Joy-a-Toes, they are a great product for relaxing and healing the feet. Our students talk amongst themselves about this product so I hardly have to do any selling.

    - Debbie
  • Love it!

    - Ou Zhang
  • This is an excellent product, which is helping many people

    - Brian & Jennifer Buss
  • a bit uncomfortable at first, but they do help

    - Janice
  • The best feeling is taking them off! They really open up your toes and walking around in them is a chore! But it feels so good once you take them off and realize how great your feet feel. Kind of like going to a yoga class - it's tough to get started but you never regret going.

    - marlene
  • I love the opening these create in my feet and was pleasantly surprised by how tension released even up into my calves.

    - Marni Gallerneault
  • I've only just been wearing them for about 10 mins a day for the last 2 weeks and although my feet aren't quite used to them yet, And walking around with them on is a bit awkward still, my feet are starting to feel good wearing them. I think I'm going to really love these!

    - Stefanie
  • I find the Joy-a-Toes a great way to help spread the toes evenly and walk evenly on the feet. It seems to help align the feet correctly. Although they felt strange at first, they are very comfortable to wear even to do yoga.

    - Pamela Nelson
  • I love these. Unlike some brands, you can actually walk in these and wear them during a barefoot movement practice. After 2 years of owning and using these religiously, I see a huge difference in my previously scrunched up and bunion prone toes. I've told everyone I know to get a pair for foot health!

    - Adrienne
  • Ooo i'd like a pair!!

    - Karen Stanko
  • I wear mine to stretch and open my feet. So amazing to heal soar feet after standing all day or wearing high heels. Place a ball under the feet while wearing them to stretch the top of the foot.

    Best invention ever!!

    - Carol
  • Love em. Well made, comfortable and a great way to improve alignment in the feet.

    - Meghan
  • In the olden days we cut peices of foam and wrapptd them with electricians tape. You can only imagine how not great that was...When these came out I felt like angels were singing for us! Comfortable, easy to clean,easy to storenever wear out, and too many benefits for me to write. You can even wear them in a pair of comfy boots. All my private clients have them. If they didn't buy them I bought them for them!

    - Cielo English
  • I wear these around the house and sometimes when I practice. It's great to realign my feet and feel instant relaxation.

    - Ania Ziemirska

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