Essential Studio Yoga Mat

Essential Studio Yoga Mat
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Lay the ground for yoga action and grippy traction! Our most widely-used mat is ideal for any yoga practice from energetic to restorative, at the studio or at home. For best results use daily.

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Features +

  • Sticky, durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-toxic pvc (6p free)

Specs +

  • 4mm (1/6 inch) thick
  • 24" x 72" (61 cm x 183 cm)
  • 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg)
  • Non-toxic pvc (6pfree)
  • Made in Taiwan


Product Care +

  • Before using your mat for the first time, clean it thoroughly, then repeat as needed.
  • Spray with water or Halfmoon Mat Clean and wipe with a sponge or cloth.
  • Hang or lay flat to air dry.
  • We bought this mat for both indoor and outdoor use and it has so far fared well in both. Great price too!

    - Loretta S.
  • impeccable service

    - Sue A.
  • From start to finish this company was so easy and pleasant to deal with! Great customer service follow up! We love our new mats! Thanks so much!!

    - Lisa K.
  • I have purchased a few Halfmoon products and have been very happy with all of them. Recently purchased a few essential yoga mats for myself and fellow yogi's we all are very happy with the product and love that it is non-slip. Namaste

    - Monica M.
  • Beautiful colour and great quality!

    - Cathy B.
  • perfect grip
    perfect colour

    as it's named
    it's essential!

    - Sharyn Y.
  • I ordered blocks, straps, a yoga mat and an eye pillow recently and was very impressed with the quality! I will be ordering more items very soon!

    - Tarka S.
  • The colour and quality are very good. I am giving the mat 3 stars because I have cleaned them and they are still slippery and I am thinking of resorting to the salt rub you suggested on the label. Also I have to see how they wear over time to give them a comprehensive evaluation.
    On a different subject: wasting good boxes. I ordered eye bags for the studio and found the boxes included which I presume are for re-sale. If you have an option for including boxes or not with the order then there may be less waste. Thank you overall I am pleased with the service and quality of my purchases.

    - Rose R.
  • loving my new mat.... especially loving that it didn't smell of chemicals when i opened the box... it feels like memory foam and has the perfect grip :)

    - Michelle C.
  • came with me to Chile and everyone here is loving it!
    great mat I just love it

    - Alfredo C.
  • Received lots of complements on my new mat luv the color Great grip. Much better than the one I have I definitely recommend your products Susie thank you

    - Susie G.
  • For kids at school where I teach yoga, I was looking for durable yoga mat and affordable. VERY satisfied. Thank you Halfmoon!

    - Marie L.
  • I really wanted to like this mat - but It does not have good grip at all. I can not seem to get a good grip in my poses. I think that the price is reflective of that. I will definitely be upgrading to a better quality one. Good price for a beginner.

    - Lisa
  • Beautiful mat and great quality!

    - Jessica D.
  • Customer service by email impeccable! Thank you all ;)
    Happy New Year!

    - Suzanne R.
  • It is really the one that I needed: strong, durable and lightweight. I like to take it to the studio with me as well as to practice at home. It costs every dollar paid.

    - Inna K.
  • Bought a couple of these mats thinking they wouldn’t be slippery. However they are and now I’m stuck with two slippery mats :cry:

    - Patricia S.
  • This is a very good quality yoga mat, the one actually used in most of yoga studios. I definitely recommend it. Online shopping through halfmoon was super easy and the mat arrived just in less than a week.

    - Kian R.
  • Just got my new mats. Feel wonderful on the feet and can't wait to use one for hot yoga!

    - Laurie F.
  • Love everything about this mat!
    Perfect amount of stick and grip.

    - Lenay B.
  • Great mat, gets lots of use and still in good shape!

    - Kirsten M.
  • I love these mats for my studio. They make my studio look professional and they are very good quality.

    - Shannon B.
  • We purchased two of these for home use, on the deck at our cabin in the woods. They are beautiful and seem like good quality, but it didn't take long to realize the stickiness can't stack up against a good sweat. In retrospect, it probably would have been worthwhile to pay more for the next step up.

    - Maria M.
  • I love these studio mats. They provide just the right amount of cushion and stickiness and they last a long time.

    - Sadie H.
  • This product is a staple in our store. Customers love them! Staff love them.

    - Elizabeth W.
  • This is a great studio mat. I bought these mats for my studio on the recommendation of other teachers and I'm very pleased.

    - Leigh M.
  • I had bought my 1st Halfmoon Essential Studio Mat in April 2016 and I loved it, so naturally when I started to outfit my props for my practice, I bought another 4. I noticed that the new ones are not quite as thick, they are still wonderful quality, but they just don't feel as plush under the toes.
    I am getting ready to outfit my studio in the next month and will be purchasing another 6 Essential Studio mats and other props from from Halfmoon.

    - Trudy T.
  • Enjoying this mat with its gripping quality! Love the color 'Storm'! I would definitely buy this one again!

    - Linda S.
  • Great Mat for good price!

    - Dana H.
  • Thank you Halfmoon Yoga for your very kind and generous donation for our Trauma Informed yoga program on the Sunshine Coast-each mat represents an opportunity for self care and self awareness for people who would otherwise not have access to this practise...we are deeply grateful!

    - Lori E.
  • Beautiful mats, very nice colors. Non slip, thick enough to offer enough cushion for the feet, soft and comfortable. Fast shipping.

    - Camelia G.
  • This is the mat I purchased to replace my dearly departed much loved very early LL mat , which was nothing like any of the current Lulu products. I love the Halfmoon mat, it's a great moderate thickness , to allow for rolling and going . My new constant companion .
    Halfmoon never lets me down , easy ordering, super fast shipping , often a good surprise in the price point ( my second mat was half price) so buying the two for restorative yoga was a great deal. Thanks HM !!!

    - Shona P.
  • Pros: These mats are fine for studio use, lightweight, great colours, fairly sticky.
    Cons: They are very thin, you need to double up!

    - Michelle O.
  • Thank you the order was very fast and the material as good as usual, the clients likes the mat a lot!

    - Catherine B.
  • I wanted to buy a bulk order of studio mats, after searching a few different wholesale sites I decided to purchase my mats from halfmoon. When my mats arrived I was not disappointed. I have tried mats and props from numerous companies and the quality of Halfmoons products is far more superior that other companies on the market. As a bonus,q they have great customer service and my order came within a week. I have made Halfmoon my company of choice.

    - Sarah D.
  • I am a new studio owner, and I think the Essential Studio Yoga Mat is perfect for new clients who don't have their own mat. Great colour matching with the blocks. A good product.

    - Jean-Philippe W.
  • The mat is a beautiful color and well made. I am looking forward to using it in the future!

    - Cara H.
  • This is an essential mat in every sense. Light weight, easy to carry to work. Good grip, no slip. Great value.

    - Gail B.
  • a little bit slippery for a power class but overall good value and nice colours

    - Katie T.
  • I bought a number of these mats for my yoga classes. They are quite thin but what I expected for providing mats for participants in a resort area where they typically do not bring their own. They are great for the room I am in as it is also carpeted. The colours (berry and glacier) are beautiful. The service people were wonderful to deal with - thank you! PS

    - Brenda W.
  • This thick and sticky mat is a must for anyone’s practice. A friend to support you as you shift your mind, stretch your limbs and lengthen your view.

    - deanne e.
  • Great service and follow up when I had a computer glitch. And , of course my new mats and foam blocks are fantastic. Ty

    - Catherine R.
  • Great mat!

    - Jasmin G.
  • My order arrived sooner than expected. The mats, bolsters and blocks look great in the studio

    - Amanda P.
  • Love the grey color and quality of the mat is great.

    - Rowena W.
  • So happy with my new mat. After trying other brands I have finally found my go to!

    - Ellie K.
  • I like the quality of each mat. Also the branding. Colours are nice and instructions for care are easy.

    - Roisin N.
  • I am very pleased with how quickly and efficiently my order was processed and delivered. Thank you.

    - kim b.
  • Awesome mat but I probably wouldn't use this for anything but Yoga

    - Kristine E.
  • I ordered 35 new Essential Studio Yoga Mats for my high school students. They are perfect for these beginners - sticky, cushy and in a variety of colours!

    - Leah G.
  • I recently ordered a few products from Half Moon and found the website very easy to access, browsing is simply, the products are lovely and the shipping time is extremely quick. All in all it was an excellent shopping experience-This from someone who normally dislikes shopping. I give Half Moon a 5/5 overall and YES I will be back to do more shopping soon!

    - Eve M.
  • The Yoga teachers and clients at OnSite are thrilled to have brand new mats to practice on! The mats are reliably durable and easy to clean.

    - Miriam T.
  • I recently purchased 8 yoga mats for my home based studio. They arrived promptly. They were exactly as advertised. My students are enjoying the new mats very much.

    - Jane G.
  • I wanted a lightweight and affordable mat for the studio and these proved to be just the thing. They also have good grip and are foldable which means they can be used as props too. Great value

    - Jillana B.
  • These mats work well as both yoga mats and Pilates mats. Super easy to clean and dry really quickly. A great affordable and durable product!

    - Ellen P.
  • The perfect yoga accessory! Whether you're just staring out or a seasoned practitioner or teacher this is a must have! Washes beautifully, and is all all around great mat!

    - Jessica B.
  • This is my fourth personal mat in the years that I've practiced yoga (off and on since 1999; much more consistently in the past three years.) I got this to complete my transition from public vinyasa alignment classes three years ago to public Iyengar classes (until three months ago) to an almost daily personal Iyengar-inspired home practice. I never fell in love with my preceding mat (a "limited edition" Manduka collaboration with Athleta), thinking that I'd eventually "break it in" but never really enjoying practicing on it.

    This Halfmoon mat is perfect. It is definitely an upgrade from my very first mat (the standard-issue mat that was part of a Gaiam starter kit) without unpleasant off-gassing. Traction, heft, and thickness are great. I appreciate that it lies flat (corner-curling had been a persistent problem with my MandukaXAthleta mat) and folds nicely for sirsasana and sarvangasana. I haven't gone traveling with it yet; but it doesn't look like it will have the ply-separation issues I experienced just a half-year into owning my second mat (a travel mat by Nike that was great for its light weight and its embossed pattern which had helped with alignment and proprioception.)

    Perfect for encouraging daily mat time! Thanks, Halfmoon. This was my first purchase from you (I also bought a stack of your organic cotton blankets), and I was impressed.

    - elwithana
  • Yoga mats are great, very durable and last forever!

    - Catarina M.
  • Exactly what I was looking for - lots of cushioning, not slippery & still lightweight to carry to & from the studio

    - Carol L.
  • i love these yoga mats for my outdoor studio. The are light enough to pack around & substantial enough to stick & provide support on uneven ground. And they clean up really well with a few quirts of mat cleaner. Really recommended.

    - jennifer a.
  • When I opened my studio in 2011 I purchased the studio mats, so when the time came to buy new ones 5 1/2 years later, there was no question in my mind. Studio mats from Halfmoon!

    - Corrie V.
  • Although the shipping was fast and fabulous, the mats are quite slippery. Hoping that after my students work them in they will be less slippery.

    - Danika R.
  • I recently purchased a studio yoga mat because the reviews were all positive. Unfortunately, I found that the mat was very slippy especially in a warm yoga class. You must use a towel and even with that I slip. Now wishing I would have spent more money and invested in a better quality mat.:-(

    - Anonymous
  • Excellent service. Quick delivery.

    - Melissa Higdon
  • As the coordinator of a busy fitness facility, the Halfmoon Studio Yoga Mat is the only mat I have ever ordered. Not only are they durable and well-made, but they are reasonably priced and the instructors love them.

    - Heather Nivison
  • As a studio owner you want something that is going to last and that has decent traction! This mat is IT!! I've had my mats for two years and they still look new (minus the stickers which didn't last very long--whoops). But the mats are amazing and have more traction than most! It takes a bit to get the film off of them when they are brand new... once it's gone, they are amazing non-slip!!

    - Joanne
  • I've had my studio yoga mat for almost 6 years. It has traveled all over with me and been used indoors and out - it still looks nearly new and I've used it almost everyday of those 6 years! Wears very well.

    - Georgia
  • Great. One of my students really likes the "squishiness".


    - Donna Lee Parker

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