Cylindrical Bolster Limited Edition

Limited Edition

  • Watercolour
  • Peony
  • Festival
  • Parisa
  • Cylindrical Yoga Bolster - In Use
  • Cylindrical Yoga Bolster - In Use
  • Cylindrical Yoga Bolster - In Use

Limited Edition prints add style and personality to your space.

At 8” high the Cylindrical Bolster facilitates deep chest opening and back bending. Its contoured shape fits perfectly under your knees to provide optimal support for your lower back. Use it to increase your flexibility, correct your posture and change your life.

CAD $100.00
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  • Handcrafted at Halfmoon in Vancouver
  • Perfect weight & density
  • Removable cover
  • Exceptional quality & durability


  • 24" x 8" (61 cm x 20 cm)
  • 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Made with natural cotton batting fill

Product Care

  • Machine wash cover in cool water on the delicate cycle. Hang to dry
  • Hot Tip: For quick and effective lint removal wipe bolster with a latex-gloved hand
  • I am in love with my cylindrical bolster! It's the perfect size for restorative poses. The fabric is durable yet soft and the "Parisa" print is gorgeous! Couldn't be more pleased

    - Ashley Chant
  • And I do! I just received my Bolster in the festive/festival pattern and it is grrrreat! Normally I use the 36" and 18" rollers, but sometimes they are just too hard and too uncomfortable to relax on. This Bolster is a great in between. It still offers you more than enough support, because it is so sturdy, but it is soft enough that you can just completely relax on it. It has just the right amount of squish! Haha ^_^

    - Nicole B.
  • Love these. Great Quality

    - Marsha Nieland
  • Awesome print, very comfortable

    - AMBIKA
  • I discovered this bolster in my prenatal yoga class and fell in love with it. I use it for yoga but also for relaxing on the couch, i put it under my knees. I leave it on my couch and have used it as a pillow!
    Great for pregnancy to really open up the chest and relax!!

    - Aurelie Meyer
  • Love the print, functional and acts as an accent pillow in our bed!

    - AMBIKA
  • These halfmoon cylindrical yoga bolsters are wonderful: not only do they offer solid support in my asana practice, they are beautiful to have in my space.

    - Sandra Stuart
  • Well made, sturdy, and durable. When not in use, it is sitting on my couch as an accent pillow

    - Jodi Innes
  • My yoga instructor recommended that I get a bolster after my complaints of recent low back pain. I am so glad I listened to her...I love this bolster! I find myself using it more and more everyday, a great reasonto practice at home. It's larger than the olsters we use in class but I haven't found it to be an issue. The only problem I have, I want all of the new covers for it too. They're just so pretty.

    - Naomi
  • This is my most used prop. It's the right combination of firm and soft. So pretty it lives on my living room floor to remind me to practice or relax. Best bolster available.

    - Karen Anderson
  • love it, very helpfull, easier to relax and do my poses

  • Having props at home has increased the frequency in which I continue my yoga practice on the days when I can't make it to the studio.

    The Halfmoon bolsters are firm, not floppy (as some studio bolsters are) providing a good support base for a variety of yin postures. I love placing it under my ribs, lying on the floor for a side body stretch & my wide legged forward bends improve when I have a bolster to lean my forehead onto.

    Well worth the money!

    - Kristin Overton
  • I have the Prana Bolster and this one and love them equally for different reasons. This one is great for when my arthritis is needing extra support, great for just about every pose laying or sitting on the mat for me, love the washable cover and the handle!

    - Coreen
  • Love this bolster. It is so beautiful that I never put it away after practicing yoga! Very well made. Half Moon Yoga has excellent quality control. Everything I have purchased has been in perfect condition. Speedy delivery, too.

    - Y. Finley
  • Who says your best tools can't be beautiful and practical? This bolster fits the bill. The perfect addtion to my strecthing regime.

  • Using this bolster to recline onto in pigeon has opened me up like regular practice never could. I find patience and ease in the pose and can stay and find long holds, getting a deeper connection to breath because I'm not focusing on my screaming muscles. THANK YOU for this heavenly product. (My students love them too)

    - Joanne
  • They've even taken the trouble to match the patterns at the seams and zippers. It was a well received gift that arrived in a fairly rural area in less than a week. Fantastic.

    - Melanie Anderson
  • this is a fabulous prop, during my Gentle yoga classes I use this for a beautiful chest opening sequence! The participants love how supported they feel, and the texture is very soft. during Svasana simply placing this under the knees has given so many the gentle support and freedom in the lower back! I hate to admit it...but I could easily nestled into my bed at night with one of these puppies!!!

    - Tracey
  • This bolster is SO incredibly soft, I can hardly explain how happy I am. Not only is the colour gorgeous (I have the indigo bloom), but the cotton stuffing is perfect. It is stuffed to the perfect density; firm enough to last, yet soft enough to give where you need it to! The bolster feels like it would last forever, and I honestly hope it does.

    - Zoe Clark

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