Cylindrical Bolster

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  • Cylindrical Yoga Bolster - In Use
  • Cylindrical Yoga Bolster - In Use
  • Cylindrical Yoga Bolster - In Use

At 8” high the Cylindrical Bolster facilitates deep chest opening and back bending. Its contoured shape fits perfectly under your knees to provide optimal support for your lower back. Use it to increase your flexibility, correct your posture and change your life.

CAD $80.00
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  • Handcrafted at Halfmoon in Vancouver
  • Perfect weight & density
  • Removable cover
  • Exceptional quality & durability


  • 24" x 8" (61 cm x 20 cm)
  • 5 lbs (2.3 kg)
  • 100% cotton cover
  • Made with natural cotton batting fill

Product Care

  • Machine wash cover in cool water on the delicate cycle. Hang to dry
  • Lint Removal Tip: wipe bolster with a latex gloved hand
  • Shipping was fast and the bolster came exactly as expected. The material is gorgeous and the bolster is expertly made. The second (colored) cover is VERY snug, but I expect this to loosen a bit as the cotton stuffing compacts from use. Overall excellent, thank you!

    - Alex
  • I bought one for myself a year ago and bought 2 more for my sister and mother. They are wonderful and the same colour as online. My only complaint is that there were some pulled threads and there was some discolouration in an area of one of them.

    - Sarah Hofing
  • Love love love! Amazing product and fast deliverie.

    - Emanuel Villeneuve
  • a matter of personal preference, great for side stretches

    - Suzanne Tremblay
  • I ordered the olive and love the colour, and the bolster is as expected - gorgeous quality. Definitely recommended!

    - Dawn
  • The firmness of the bolster is great.

    - Deborah
  • An excellent product that has so many uses. Very well constructed

  • I love my bolster. The fabric is very durable and even my husband tried it.. and HE loves it. :) Very comfortable. Thank you!

    - Casey Deane
  • so many uses

    - Johanna Holland
  • Product is as described.

    - Phonesavanh T
  • I've always wanted one of my own for home. I've used them in yoga studios for years but this is so nice to do some restorative work at home.

    - Jocelyn
  • Love it

    - Ruby Johnson
  • Students love that my studio offers a variety of colours and also the quality of the product.

    - Audrey Morrison
  • We love your bolsters!!

    - Audrey Morrison
  • I really like the bolster cause it feels solid, I hope longer last for a good time. Excellent customer service when I called

    - Erika Baumbach
  • As a teacher I love that these bolsters are made in Vancouver, are of excellent quality and have removable washable covers. Students love to use them for restorative poses, end relaxation and their fav - sitting on a chip foam block come into a reclining position on the bolster - a great chest opener and gentle backbend--so relaxing!!

    - Audrey Morrison
  • great bolster for shoulder opener and beginner stages of bridge.... I bought for myself, husband thinks its for him...

    - Patricia Cobbledick
  • I bought these to support my restorative classes and they've held up great. I've had mine for over a year and it's held up really well and the colours allow for matching with all sorts of fabrics and the texture is great.

    - Jessica Itiaba
  • Use this bolster to help open your back in restorative yoga poses or relax your lower back/hips in corpse pose.

    The washable cover is convenient.

  • I love my new bolsters!! They are super firm and in no way going to collapse into the usual oval shape. The brown color is deep and rich.
    Perfect yoga bolster :)

    - Tussy Pat
  • I purchased this bolster to help relax and stretch my back and I couldn't be happier. The product is well made and sturdy, I'm sure it will last for years to come.

    - Ash
  • This is by far my favorite product! Durable, stable and comfortable.

    - Susan Turner
  • This is the perfect length for me when I use it since I'm not that tall. It makes savasana so relaxing for me, I like to use it to put underneath my knees. It's great when you combine it with other restorative poses which makes it all the more relaxing. I like that it holds it's shape pretty well after so much wear and tear.

    - Catherine Wong
  • I've always been a fan of bolsters but I always worry about them being able to hold up after a ton of use. I've had mine since April 2012 and they've held up!

    Plus the handle on the top is great for pulling the bolster out once you don't need it for support or even in storage.

    - Jessica Itiaba
  • Excellent.

    - Jenny Ius
  • Great bolster for restorative yoga. I also use it to elevate my hips during meditation. I've injured my knee recently and this bolster has been very useful to modify my favorite poses so I could still do them (under my hips in pigeon, under my knees in forward fold...)
    Plus it looks great on my futon :)

    - Ariane
  • Hi my name is Dawn and I teach a Round Body Yoga class. I love these bolsters. Many of my students have said they have tried yoga before but didn't enjoy it until they tried it with one of your bolsters. One student who has been with me many years has lost 60lbs and now practices at home swears by her bolster. It is the perfect size, shape and firmness. Keep up the great work guys, Namaste Dawn

    - dawn archambault
  • The cylindrical shape allows my chest to open my heart center fully as my shoulder blades curve to hug the bolster along my spine. The possibilities are endless for the potential of my practice with this tool at my side.

    - KPett
  • Not only is the Cylindrical Yoga Bolster great for yoga, it also served a multi-purpose for me. I used it to keep me comfortable/snuggle when I was pregnant...who needs a 'Noodle Pillow'?!

    - Shannon Ogborn

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