Cotton Yoga Blanket

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  • Cotton Yoga Blanket
  • Cotton Yoga Blanket
  • Cotton Yoga Blanket
  • Cotton Yoga Blanket
For your yoga practice and beyond. Handloomed in India, this blanket provides gentle cushioning, support and warmth. Extremely versatile, you can roll it like a bolster, add height to your block, fold it for seated poses and shoulder stand, and use it as a cozy layer for Savasana. Woven with flat selvage edges, it folds flat and stacks evenly making it the yoga blanket of choice for all levels and styles.
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  • Ideal support & lift
  • Extremely versatile prop
  • Individually hand-loomed in India 


  • 60" x 80" (152 cm x 203 cm)


    100% cotton

Product Care

  • Gentle cold wash, hang to dry. 
  • Any shedding will decrease with use and washing.


  • This has to be one of my favourite purchases so far. The blanket is so soft and warm, and it has great colouring.

    I purchased the stone weave version and now I don't think I could live without it. I use it for yoga, use it on the couch, drape it over my bed for a different look, and I bring it to work with me on those cooler days. It's absolutely amazing!

    - Nicole B.
  • These blankets are "extremely" soft. They have uses way beyond your practise space, grab more than a few as throws around your house, in the car as a beach blanket, most usable blanket EVER!

    - Sherrice Kirby
  • I recently purchased this cotton blanket, and washed it on a gentle cycle as well as a gentle tumble dry. The blanket was not as stiff as I thought it would be. It's a great addition to my home practice.

    - Karen
  • These blankets are soft as well as durable...the quality is excellent and love using them in my yoga practice.

    - Gina Rafkind
  • I already have 2 Indian cotton blankets and enjoy using them, especially for head stand.

  • I like the edges, but they seem a little thinner than others from Half Moon that I have seen.

    - Dianne Noort
  • great blanket..folds well, no pilling and a great colour.

    - Grayce Clark
  • The blanket is beautiful in this natural colour and fabric. It is easy to fold into the shape needed or to use as a cover for savasana.

    - Margaret
  • Very good looking blanket in general, but I imagined it would be thicker and know that students here in Montreal this winter time need thicker warmer blankets so I was disappointed.

    - D.A.
  • I waited years to find these AND to be able to have them shipped to the US without enormous duty and shipping charges. I'm completely pleased with the beautiful cocoa colour blankets and every contact with Halfmoon was pleasant and gracious. Delivery was prompt. I couldn't be more pleased with my transaction.

  • I love, love, love the new blankets. I find them to be the perfect support for our restorative practice and a great blanket for Savasana. My participants love them. Thank you

    - Yvonne Martin
  • Looks exactly as the picture. Blanket is quite thick and strong, somewhat soft to touch along with a more ruff and linear braided texture. Very light weight and long. Rectangular.

  • My favourite prop for its versatility and softness. My only issue with it is that it is supposed to be hung to dry, but in wet Vancouver, that is not really an option because it would take forever! I tumble dry mine on low in the machine and it looks ok, but I know that it inevitably lowers the life of the product. But what can you do?!

    - Lisa Martin
  • I washed the blanket in my Kenmore Elite front load washing machine on ultra gentle cycle with cold water wash & cold water rinse with no detergent. There was about a 2" shrinkage from this blanket compared to the one that wasn't washed. Also noticed shedding & pilling.

    - Annee
  • I now have over 20 of these blankets for my studio.

    - Karin Young
  • It is soft and I am very pleased with it!!

    - Karen
  • The blanket is great! It is really good quality. It is so natural. I have sensitivities to scents and dyes and I had no problem with the blanket at all. Thank-you so much. I can't believe how fast it was shipped to me.

  • Just right

    - Carol-Joy Kaill
  • Blankets are comfortable and don't slip.

  • This is a perfect blanket for sitting meditation as well. It's the provides the perfect amount of warmth and its very soft.

    - Megadalena Nguyen
  • Just bought them, so don't know how they will stand up to at least weekly washing and use by yoga students. But they're nice and soft!

    - Deborah
  • I purchased 4 of the cotton blankets because I noticed some of my students could really benefit. Since I purchased them, I've used them in 3 classes and they've been great for propping up students, padding under knees, supporting thighs in Baddha Konasana. The students seem to really appreciate having the blankets; some have commented on how soft they are. What I am most pleased with is that my students seem to really appreciate that I thought to purchase these blankets specifically to help improve their practice. I've also used them to make my home office chair more comfy and to prop me up. My kitty also seems to enjoy them, unfortunately! :)

    - Jessica
  • and the seams twist very badly after washing,. This is by far my most disappointing purchase from Halfmoon.

  • I find these cotton blankets very substantial and supportive in my poses. They have enough oomph that allow you to fold/roll nicely to use as a small bolster. They ARE India cotton and I would strongly recommend that you wash first to avoid the fuzz that this type of cotton will shed. They wash beautifully and do no lose shape.

    - Cindy in Ilderton
  • This is my second india cotton blanket... I've been using my first one regularly, both as a support for my yoga practice, but also as my favourite sofa or lounge chair blanket. It's nice and soft, the perfect size and holds up well over time. A good price too.

    - Andrea Kennedy
  • Love this soft blanket with just the right amount of weight!

    - Sandy LeBlanc
  • Find this blanket to be a bit hard and not comfortable. Not what I expected at all. Thought it would have a more 'relaxing' feel to it. Purchased other items and this is the only one I am not happy with.

  • I agree with the other reviewers who are disappointed with the blankets. I purchased several blankets as they are the same kind that I am presently using at my yoga studio and therefore thought I knew what I was getting.
    These blankets are much thinner, lighter and lack substance. I purchased the white blankets and my yoga wear and floor are a mess from all the white residue! I have decided to try to wash them to see if that will help.
    Expected much better quality for the price!!

    - Teedee
  • After seeing/using this blanket in more than a couple studios, it was an easy choice to purchase one for personal use at home. Should I begin teaching privately, I'll surely look to buy an additional blanket or two and I'm certain the blankets would make great gifts as well.

  • I feel it's little too thin. And expensive .

    - Ou Zhang
  • Well made. Thick cotton. Already have two for yoga and now want some for my house!

    - Lisa Anne Rasmussen
  • I've increased my yoga practice to everyday since receiving my blankets. They fold flat and neatly while giving me some cocoon like warmth for my poses.
    The only con - may need a few washes first if you want to wear black on a cotton neutral blanket. It states to air dry and it took less than a day.

    - Val H
  • Extremely disappointed in this product. I've ordered the "India Cotton Blanket" in the past. First the very very soft ones in white only. Then that was switched to unbleached white without the "fluff". But still, they were nice - firm, dense, useful. Absolutely not the blue "India Cotton Blanket" I received recently. It's not the "rough" unfinished edges, although crudely done, that's so disturbing. It's most the flimsy quality of the blanket, the loose weave, the "nothing" there essence. It is literally 1 pound 3 and a half ounces lighter than the last "India Cotton Blanket" I ordered. And at the very same name and price [maybe a shade higher], I was shocked when it arrived. It may offer light "covering", but certainly not the support that the other blankets [including the wool ones] offer as a real prop. I will never order another one and I will certainly think twice about ordering anything from Half Moon that I "think" I know what I'm getting.

    - nancy steiger
  • Love these blankets and am going to order more.
    Super for support but soft and non abrasive.
    Chocolate brown is rich in color :)

    - Tussy Pat
  • The India Cotton Blanket is a wonderful alternative for those of us with sensitivities to wool.

  • I love how soft the India Cotton Blanket is. So cozy and comforting during Savasna.

    - Shannon
  • I bought a few for my studio after having used them at a different yoga studio and am so happy! They hold up their shape, give you a nice weight and keep you from getting cold. I really couldn't ask for more.

    Plus, they are awesome as a cushion for kneeling poses.

    - Jessica Itiaba
  • I can't say enough about this blanket. So soft and cozy for shavasana, but when folded, an excellent firm support for seated poses and meditation. The earthy colour I have, (cocoa), makes me happy every time I look at it. I wish it came in king size for my bed! :)

    - Lisa Martin
  • Really love this shop -halfmoon- I purchased this blanket for my daughter who also does yoga and she is really pleased with it. So great to find quality Canadian made pieces, and they always arrive packaged well.

    - Sheri Larsen
  • I find most studios either have wool (I'm allergic) or they have the woven blankets which I find lumpy. These blankets have no lumps are not itchy and are the perfect size. They are great to prop up with for Yin or Restorative and they look great too. They are so soft right out of the wrap and get even softer once washed. This is definitely my favorite blanket.

    - Jennifer Young
  • Perfect in every students love the feel and the weight of the blankets, the colours are beautiful, the detailing lovely...I have a couple thrown on the back of chairs in our living room and the kids will snuggle up under them with a book in front of the fireplace..Take them to the studio or leave them at home...they are a good fit in every way!

    - Pam Diggins

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