Natural Cork Yoga Block

Cork Yoga Block

Need a lift or just something to lean on? Here's a lightweight block made from sustainably harvested cork that provides the comfort, stability and support you want for yoga and restorative practice. Sturdy and built to last.


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Features +

  • Awesome traction­
  • Weighted for stability
  • Lasts forever
  • Renewable resource

Specs +

  • 3.5” × 5.5” × 9” (9 cm × 14cm × 23cm)
  • 2.1 lbs (0.95 kg)
  • Made in China
  • Perfect size, very stable even with your full weight on them. Very useful for everyone.

    - Tania C.
  • These blocks are perfect. Most importantly, they are stable and make me feel very safe when I am relying on them as my foundation. I usually don't get this kind of stability from foam blocks because they are so light and smooth. These cork blocks have a nice "feel", which is important to me because I hate the texture of foam blocks on my skin (*cringe*). Ideal dimensions on all 3 heights.

    My local studio uses these blocks, and I loved them so much I had to buy my own set for home. These are worth the upgrade!

    - Michelle F.
  • These blocks are super stable, less chance for the block giving out if as using them in Plank or any standing posture! I’ll never go back and my clients love them.

    - Kristopher I.
  • I love these blocks! Great size + nice & sturdy. Gives a lot of support to my practice :)

    - Noah K.
  • Love the cork block, very slightly deeper than the regular foam blocks and more comfortable to use - definitely recommend !

    - Linda
  • The weight of this block is perfect - not too heavy but solid enough that I'm not worrying if it'll break or flatten somehow. The cork is beautiful and is perfectly anti-slip. Love it!

    - Mindy G.
  • Amazing quality, just what i was looking for, definitely recommend!

    - Renata N.
  • These blocks are amazing!! I love them ! They are sturdy, and the perfect size and weight.

    - Kristi W.
  • Love these, they are lighter than the wood ones and way more comfortable on your hands. Nice to look at too. Great product.

    - Patricia B.
  • The blocks were shipped very quickly and now add great stability to my practice

    - Marianne M.
  • Great price and great quality! Total value is worth it, love how the company seems to present sustainability as important.

    - Jason H.
  • A nice size block to sit on in meditation poses. I like supporting natural materials.

    - Kerstin J.
  • I am very happy with my cork yoga block!

    - Mahara A.
  • I’m always impressed with the quality of Half Moon products. Solid construction. My only critique is that I wish the blocks were slightly bigger. They will serve my students well for years to come!

    - Jennifer W.
  • Excellent prop

    - Leighan B.
  • Great size, texture and quality

    - Clayton S.
  • I love the feel of the cork over the foam blocks. Perfect!

    - Beverley N.
  • Perfect

    - Phyllis L.
  • Love these blocks - they've got some heft to them which means they don't slip, are sturdy, and do the job just right. They compliment my practice wonderfully. Thanks Half Moon :)

    - Christine R.
  • I just finished my YTT and needed another block for my home practice. Sturdy and comfortable - you can’t go wrong with this one.

    - Jill D.
  • Awesome size and nice and sturdy. This is why I prefer the cork blocks - easy to clean and excellent support!

    - Kara F.
  • love it!

    - Lisa H.
  • I only use cork yoga blocks and this one is great quality! Very happy with my purchase and all the half moon products I've tried so far

    - Amy P.
  • I just recently switched over to using the cork blocks and I love that they are sturdy, they don't slip and yet they have some give. I would definitely recommend buying these blocks. The students love them as well.

    - Joy D.
  • Very sturdy and smooth and SO useful for many standing or side poses. I even got one for my husband!

    - Deborah F.
  • This is by far the best block that I have ever owned and it seems like it will last forever!

    - Lindy P.
  • Great product!!

    - Merrisa B.
  • :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️

    - Terri S.
  • We love them

    - Evelyn H.
  • Hi, I received excellent customer service. The items arrived well packaged and on time, but there was a glitch. One block was mismatched and not the same as the others, and we needed them to be all the same. After phoning Half Moon and chatting with Nicole, we worked out a good way to resolve this and I’m very happy with the speed and care it took to fix this small problem. Thanks a bunch, Sarah

    - Sarah G.
  • We love the blocks, they are just the right size we were looking for and so far no sign of the blocks shedding!

    - Suzanne D.
  • The cork blacks are great! I enjoy the feel of them during my practice, I am so glad I invested in them!

    - Anita F.
  • The cork block from HalfMoon is a much needed prop for any yoga practice. It's sturdy, supportive and can be used for a variety of purposes.

    - Smeltzer B.

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