Chip Foam Yoga Block with Cover

Chip Foam Yoga Block with Cover
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A fabric cover will extend the life of your chip foam block. This cover looks great, keeps clothing foam free and is easy to remove to toss in the wash.

Every yogi needs at least one of these essential yoga blocks (although, we recommend four for poses like shoulder stand). The foam is dense enough to offer solid support, yet soft enough to provide padding for knees, elbows, and hips.

This is the most versatile prop available for seated, standing, reclined, inverted and twisted poses (to name a few).

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Features +

  • Cover handmade at Halfmoon 
  • Hook and loop closure 
  • Shrink resistant microtech fabric 
  • Block made from foam offcuts (colours may vary)

Specs +

  • 2" x 8" x 12" (5 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm)
  • 1.3 lbs (0.6 kg)
  • Fabric: 65% Polyester/35% Cotton

Product Care +

  • Close hook and loop closure before washing
  • Machine wash cover in cold water
  • Tumble dry low or hang to dry
  • Store foam away from UV light
  • I was first introduced to these chip foam blocks at Open Space Yoga. I can't sit cross-legged without a little height so I always opted to use one of these. At home, I stack it with a foam block for kneeling meditation or use it for a little height in seated postures.

    - Laura T.
  • Its the perfect height for me to ease into a forward fold. I love this foam.

    - Karissa F.
  • I have loved all of your products. I used the foam chip block regularly in class and got one for myself at home.

    - Meghan C.
  • Very high quality like everything from this company, thanks for all you do!

    - Lloyd D.
  • I use my two foam chip blocks with blue covers for meditation. I needed a meditation cushion that was transportable and that didn’t shift beneath me. These blocks are firm and the blue washable covers are very well made.

    - Elizabeth K.
  • When stretching my hip flexors my knees get sore. This cushioned block was perfect to help with this. It is padded but not too bulky.

    - Rebecca M.
  • The charcoal grey cover is beautiful! The Foam block is awesome under my knee, makes a world of difference on my knees.

    - Jan N.
  • These are first-rate foam blocks. The covers are nice, non-slippery cotton, and very well made. The highlight of my Half Moon experience was the amazing customer service from Chantelle. Thank you!

    - Martha K.
  • Love, love, love them. The covers are well constructed. They can be removed and washed and they protect the integrity of the chip block. My class loves them to sit on or lay their head on during Savasana.

    - Paula E.
  • Love these. I bought them to use in my private yoga sessions, they are a perfect cushion under the knees in lunge, and supportive in seated postures. A lovely addition.

    - Jenn L.
  • still waiting to get my parcel :(

    - Maria-Teresa R.
  • Love the covers

    - Kirstin V.
  • I have these blocks from a previous order two years ago, and they worked out fine. The chip foam in these new blocks have a rubbery smell. They also smell mouldy. I have tried spraying them and sunning them out. I just hope in time that they loose their smell. My yogis do not like them at all so this still leaves me short on blocks

    - gina E.
  • Not only is this a must have prop for your Yoga practice, but the cover is essential to keeping the prop clean and safe from crumbling for many years to come.

    - Candi E.
  • This chip foam block is just the right size for many restorative postures. When you need something a bit softer and wider than a block, this works really well. The cover makes it extra-comfortable and is easily removed for cleaning. Love it!

    - Lynda D.
  • The block is a great size, I have used these with my instructor but the cover combination was much better than I had expected. Good quality fabric and a great colour.

    - Jayne M.
  • Very happy with this product and really glad I got the cover. It looks better and helps protect the foam. Well made and delivery was timely. Definitely recommend

    - Margaret H.
  • Very satisfied. Use it daily in my yoga practice. Love that it has a cover I can wash.

    - Janice B.
  • The chip foam block has more cushion than a standard hard foam block so it is ideal for longer seated poses.

    - Sean O.
  • I used the new blocks in my adult class this morning, and last week with some children. They are perfect for people with tight hips, and the kids like them as a pillow in svasana! The covers match perfectly with the ones I bought a few years ago and the colour on the older ones hasn't faded!
    Thanks Halfmoom!

    - Julie W.
  • I am very happy with the foam block covers, as are my clients and students!
    They are well made, fit is great, and the color selection is always fun!
    I highly recommend the use of the covers. They preserve the life of the foam block as well as add to the aesthetic of one's practice.

    - Amanda R.
  • Very pleased with my new chip foam block with cover. The cover is thick so it won't wear easily & keeps my block from shedding foam which in turn will extend the life of my block. Love the purple color too! Definitely recommend.

    - Kate G.
  • pretty colours in the foam! love the sleek cover with convenient velcro opening

    - Patricia B.
  • The addition to my practice has brought a big improvement. I have some lower back issues & using it for seated spinal twists as well as some other positions has worked wonders.

    - Kathryn N.
  • It's great!

    - Shannon K.
  • These blocks are great for sitting on, putting under a hip in poses, using in place of a blanket, and great for shoulder stand

    - Erica G.
  • I love my new block, its a comfortable seat for meditation and a handy prop for certain postures.

    - josh m.
  • Excellent love the fabric and colour

    - Andrea Jittler-Friesen
  • I use this for added support for my knees doing certain poses. I also sit on this sometimes to help straighten my back. I also use it for extra relaxation during restortive yoga.

    - Jeffrey Lo
  • This foam block certainly serves its purpose but i am mostly impressed with the cover, i LOVE the fact that the cover is removable so i can wash it after those especially sweaty classes or home practice. I'm so glad i came across your website when looking for a new mat. I'm sure Halfmoon will be my yoga gear supplier for years to come!

    - Kat
  • A must for every yogi. There isn't a class wehre I have not used these blocks in over 11 years. That's between 4000-6000 hrs of yoga that required this prop. Great for sitting centering & all seated poses, perfect to avoid stress to knees, helped me with busitis in my knees, as a teacher. This is a prop that I recommend students to have at home, if not one. TWO. for Shoulder stand 4, for restorative...amazing. Love that you can take the cover off and WASH it. Clean is first and foremost. The covers make the blocks last so much longer and retain their shape.

    - Cielo English

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