Chip Foam Yoga Block

Chip Foam Yoga Block

Every yogi needs at least one of these essential yoga blocks (although, we recommend four for poses like shoulder stand). The foam is dense enough to offer solid support, yet soft enough to provide padding for knees, elbows, and hips.

This is the most versatile prop available for seated, standing, reclined, inverted and twisted poses (to name a few).


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Features +

  • Made from foam offcuts
  • Colour may vary

Specs +

  • 2" x 8" x 12" (5 cm x 20 cm x 30 cm)
  • 1.3 lbs (0.6 kg)


Product Care +

  • Extend the life of your chip foam block with a removable cover
  • Store away from UV light
  • Great

    - Shelley E.
  • These chip foam blocks work great as props and I was impressed with how quickly they shipped.

    - Kirsten D.
  • I’m recovering from major back surgery. Yoga Blocks assist with two of my exercises. I am quite satisfied with them.

    - David C.
  • We love these blocks as they are very firm for sore knees

    - Ruth-Ann S.
  • I just love the foam block. It allows me to sit cross-legged comfortably when my right hip flexor is tight. I gifted one to my friend who uses it under her knees.

    - Janice P.
  • hi, I love these foam blocks. I would suggest you have them in another dimension as well though. For my studio, I order half as many as I need and I cut them in half, to make then narrower. I don't feel that they need to be that wide. They remain the same length (30cm), the same eight (5 cm), but they are now only 10cm wide, and that is enough so sit on for meditation or to place under a knee in a low lunge for exemple. Because of that, I couldn't get the covers from you so I am going to have them done by a seamstress from here. The dimension choices is the only reason why I didn't give a 5 start rating to the blocks, I love everything about them and I think they are great!

    - Julie-Anne R.
  • These blocks are great! Just what I needed - they have the right amount of firmness and give to them.

    - Liz E.
  • My studio uses these all the time. Loved by many

    - Tammy S.
  • You won't be disappointed by this standard, firm foam block. Perfect for seated poses and meditation. I like the colors too.

    - Teneil Q.
  • Great products and delivery.

    - Sharon D.
  • The foam block is exactly as advertised. They arrived before they were supposed to (great). My only concern is the smell coming off of them; I hope it dissipates. All in all, an excellent product.

    - Patricia B.
  • I like the foam block because it is a great way to get a bit of lift for the hips if any seated forward folds are difficult. I would recommend getting one with a cover, as the chip foam can break off after lots of use. The cover helps protect it.

    - Katherine N.
  • I like the blocks, the only thing that was wrong is that I order 24, I would have liked for them to be all the same color. Three of the blocks didn't have any of the black specks in them. So they look different. Otherwise they are fine.

    - Susan B.
  • These blocks work well for many things in your yoga practice, from shoulderstand set ups, to extra height in seated poses!

    - Karen M.
  • These have changed since the last time I purchased them and they seem to not chip off as easily. Really like the new colour!

    - Brenda W.
  • good morning. it is a very lovely looking block. however it doesnt seem as firm as previous ones and I am not crazy about the light colour, preferring a darker colour. However my practitioners seem very happy with them!!
    Wendy Wright

    - Wendy W.
  • Just Great!

    - Cori G.
  • It is not easy to find these and was glad to stumble across the Halfmoon store. The quality is high and ordering and shipping was pretty straight forward. Also I notice other respected stores seem to get their product from Halfmoon

    - Bryan R.
  • I ordered Chip Foam Yoga Blocks and was extremely pleased with how quickly my order arrived and with the very good quality of the product. They are compact and yet very supportive to sit on. Thank you!!

    - Joanne A.
  • Love these blocks for my students - perfect for opening seated asana and breath work. The texture is much better than many that feel like insulation!

    - Wendy D.
  • Fast shipping and great product!

    - Jordyn S.
  • We really like our four chip foam yoga blocks ---- they allow us to do poses we couldn't either wise do and they provide a nice smooth surface - an improvement over the lumpy pillows we were using! The foam yoga blocks seem to be more compact than ones I have seen before ---- possibly less likely to shed. Thank you for your quality products. Sue Smith

    - Sue S.
  • Halfmoon delivered very quickly. The chip block are perfect for my yoga practice.

    - Ginette P.

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