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The breathable, high tech Eco Mat combines earth friendliness with great performance - it's durable, cushy, and has superb traction. Closed-cell technology prevents moisture absorption so it cleans easily and dries quickly, making your Eco Mat perfect for a sweaty, or gentle, practice.

Because it's biodegradable this mat needs extra consideration and love. Keep it out of the sun and wipe clean with a damp (not wet) cloth.

CAD $65.00
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  • Lightweight, sticky, durable
  • Quick-drying
  • Non-toxic: pvc, chloride & latex-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Biodegradable, decomposable


  • 4mm (1/6 inch) thick
  • 24" x 72" (61 cm x 183 cm)
  • 1.4 lbs (0.6 kg)
  • 95% Styrene-Butadiene-Styrene (SEBS, a biodegradable, decomposable alternative to PVC) and 5% Polyester
  • Made in Taiwan

Product Care

  • Before using your mat for the first time, clean it thoroughly, then repeat as needed. 
  • Wipe with a damp (not wet) sponge or cloth. 
  • Hang or lay flat to air dry. 
  • Do not leave your mat in natural light or sunshine.
  • This mat is my favorite. It is thin, light and sticky and I feel quite connected to the earth when I use it. I have two mats -- use this one every morning & evening for Ashtanga style -- but use another (studio deluxe) for restorative practice.

    - Kerri
  • The lightness of the mat is wonderful and so is the 'grabability' of my feet in the tough standing poses, but a really major flaw (for me) is the thinness, which I would have felt and seen right away had I bought it in person.
    The model I bought from you last year (and lost this winter) was so purrrfect in all respects (orange top, gray bottom) I am really wondering why you discontinued it!?!?
    I am coming to Vancouver soon and I am so hoping that maybe you can find one in your stock, or suggest something else.
    Am using 2 mat together noe but this doesn't work well at all.
    Here's hoping.
    Thanks for listening.

    - Heidi Merritt
  • I sold this mat to someone who came in 2 days later and asked me to do a down dog on the mat... where my hands and feet proceeded to slide apart - again, and again, and again.

    We didn't remember reading anything about a coating that needs to wear off, or anything. So we've landed in camp disappointment.

  • I had a rubber mat and found it extremely difficult to lug around, so I am very happy to see how light and easy to carry this mat is. The reversible colors are attractive. It is very sticky, maybe even a bit TOO sticky. It seems a bit more narrow than my old mat. I haven't had occasion to clean it yet, but that is an important feature for me.

  • a great mat but light enough to carry around

    - Tama Yoga
  • I purchased this mat shortly after seeing it at the Yoga Conference in Toronto. My primary reason for choosing this mat was the weight and easy maintenance. I like to try different studios and often ride a bike around town. So, this mat's specs make it ideal for this and after a couple of practices, I'm very much satisfied. Alas, within days of receiving this mat, it had an unfortunate encounter that resulted in some noticeable damage to one side of the mat. I'm not questioning the durability of the mat - it wasn't at fault. It's still perfectly useable, but I'm glad it is eco-friendly as I'll probably use it up as quick as possible to get another one! (A couple more colour choices would be nice to see by then.)

  • I read reviews and the site's guide to finding a mat so I was a little nervous in case I had picked the wrong one. But I definitely haven't. It works great practicing at home on my carpeted living room and was great practicing on the hardwood floor of the yoga studio. The cushioning is better than my original mat and it's light enough to port with ease. Like another reviewer, my test pose was downward dog and no slip there. I've sweated during practice I this mat: a little sweat can be absorbed quickly but if you sweat a lot, you will feel it on this mat. I didn't feel that I lost my grip when it was wet but it did feel a little uncomfortable under my fingers. It did dry quickly so I appreciate that. Happy with my purchase.

    - Nicole
  • A lovely, spongy mat that is very grippy which is something I really appreciate. Beautiful deep blue colour. Lovely!

    - Christine Fetterly
  • Very sticky, but for me, becomes slick and squeaky as it gets wet from my sweat. In order to dry it out properly, it needs to be hung to dry. I like its light weightedness, but I think its better suited for people who do not sweat too much.

    - Troy
  • Love the new Matt. Had to return the Studio Matt because I kept sliding on it, not the case with Echo matt

    - Mary-Frances Levasseur
  • I love the new Breathable Eco Yoga mat, right away i tested out the mat in downward dog and it stayed put, i also love that it has cushioning for my knees in childs pose or crescent moon. it really has the best of both worlds, stickiness and padding. But its also amazingly light and easy to travel around. Its my new go-to mat!

    - Kerry Turner
  • I am very impressed with all your service and effort. I have purchased different item which I was not happy with. After I left review, halfmoon suggest exchange without any shipping cost and fast process.
    I love this mat, good traction with perfect support. I love I can use for my Bikram yoga class and clean easily.

    Best of all, I love the Halfmoon care for one customer's satisfaction even I did not expect to exchange. They help me to choose the right mat for me, I am happy and very appreciated.

    - Kim

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