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Feeling stressed? A bolster can help.

Stress and Health Let’s face it, we all have to deal with stress. Stress can be triggered by events like financial troubles or being stuck in traffic, or a tight deadline at work. Many of us deal with stress by reaching for “quick fixes” such a...

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The Bridge Cushion

Is it a yoga bolster? A meditation cushion? A furniture piece for your home? The answer is all of the above and more! The Bridge Cushion is a unique semi-circle Zafu filled with buckwheat hulls to be moldable and cool, even on hot days. It is the p...

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Yoga Outside

Good weather is the perfect time to take your yoga practice al fresco. Whether it’s mountaintop yoga after a beautiful hike, beach yoga with waves lapping at the shore or the sensational olfactory experience of yoga in a garden, practicing yoga ou...

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How To Safely Do Arm Balancing Poses

Arm balances have great allure and many benefits and need to be done safely. To find our balancing sweet spot we need face our fears head on and learn to fall so we can fly. Donna and Serah from The Seduction of Yoga teach us how to fall with the h...

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How to Deepen Your Downward Facing Dog

Downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana) is a pose found in every yoga class. It may be “basic” but it is often overlooked as a place to stay engaged and checked in. The Seduction of Yoga with Serah and Donna shows us how to deepen our downwa...

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How to Master Chaturanga

Dear Yoga Community: Chaturanga Dandasana needs your love and intention. This challenging pose builds stability and strength that helps form a strong foundation for the rest of your practice. (Especially if arm balances are your thing.) But its ben...

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How to take your practice on vacation

With all of the plans that we try to squeeze into our vacation, taking time for ourselves and our yoga practice can be the last thing on the to do list. Hitting the mat while you travel can be a great way to stay grounded through your travels and get...

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How to Intensify Your Practice with Props

Danielle from Love Light Yoga stopped by Halfmoon to talk about her passion of Yin Yoga and using yoga props to intensity her practice. We love that yoga props can meet you where you are and give you the support you need in your practice. Props will...

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Finding Balance: The Gunas

In Hindu philosophy, the gunas are the three equalities of nature which we aim to bring into balance through our yoga practice. These qualities are; Tamas which is solidity, mass, or inertia, Rajas which is dynamism or vibrancy, and Sattva which is l...

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How to Choose Your Perfect Yoga Mat

Let's face it, you and your yoga mat are in a long-term relationship. But when your relationship with your mat is dysfunctional, pesky distractions can divert your attention away from your breathing, your poses, and the heart of your practice. Ther...

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