Rediscover Your Roots with Toe Spreaders

Rediscover Your Roots with Toe Spreaders

Sthira sukham asana - Yoga Sutra 2.46

This sutra defines the asana practice as a steady, easy posture. Sthira (steadiness) and sukha (ease) are the qualities we wish to cultivate in an asana practice. It has been said that only when sthira and sukha are attained is the pose truly an asana.

Using Joy-A-Toes toe spreaders can help find these qualities in an asana practice, but how?

Joy-a-Toes help realign the bones and soft tissue, increase flexibility and strength in the feet, open the energy channels and revitalizes the body. They help rediscover the sense of spaciousness within your feet. By rediscovering your feet you can re-engage the myofascia and meridian lines in your body, thus finding Sthira (steadiness) and sukha (ease).

Myofascia, Meridian Lines & Your Practice


Fascia, or myofascia, is a tissue that covers all of the muscles and bones in your body. When we are born this fascial covering is very strong and very flexible but as we grow older it can become tight and rigid. We want to restore that flexible and wet quality of the fascia again, and Joy-A-Toes can help.

There are various myofascia lines in the body including the Superficial Back Line, Superficial Front Line, Deep Front Line, Lateral Line and Spiral Lines.

In an asana practice, when we lift the inner arches of our feet or grow tall through the crown of the head we are engaging the Deep Front Line and our core.

We want to keep the feet rooting down and active while moving through an anasa practice. By keeping the feet active we send energetic messages through the myofascia lines. The whole body will then become more connected and move with ease.

Try it: In Downward Dog find a sense of leaning in to the floor with your finger tips, toes and heals. This will allow the body to relax and energy can rebound through your myofascia lines. That rebound force is what will support your body in the pose, finding the sthira and sukha in the pose.


When we develop bunions our myofascia have completely gone off track. By restoring our feet back to it’s natural state with Joy-A-Toes we can realign the myofascia.


For more information on Myofascia and Meridian Lines:

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