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The Bridge Cushion

Is it a yoga bolster? A meditation cushion? A furniture piece for your home? The answer is all of the above and more! The Bridge Cushion is a unique semi-circle Zafu filled with buckwheat hulls to be moldable and cool, even on hot days. It is the p...

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Why Use a Meditation Cushion?

There are so many reasons to practice yoga: to increase flexibility, to build strength, to reduce stress, to experience community… It’s easy to forget that its original purpose was to prepare the body for the stillness of meditation. Round Medi...

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A Winter Meditation – By Padma

Get in tune with nature. Photo by Craig Nakamoto. Years ago, when I lived in the Himalayas, there was absolutely nothing to do in the wintertime. The days were bitterly cold and the nights were eerily quiet. Yet in this extreme environment, there was...

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Becoming a Meditation Master

A student told me the other day that he wants to be a master of meditation. I said, “The term “meditation master” is misleading, since meditation is not an activity to master. We can practice and master skills in yoga stretching and breathwor...

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Why Use a Meditation Bench?

Do you find meditating cross-legged uncomfortable? Or do you normally meditate cross-legged and want to change things up? If so, a meditation bench may be the perfect addition to your practice. Around 95% of the time I meditate cross-legged. But...

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Meditation: Just for Able Bodies?

If you or someone you know has a physical condition that makes it difficult to sit upright and cross-legged, there’s still plenty of hope. You can meditate while sitting in a wide variety of ways: You can sit in a chair, or at the edge of a bed...

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How to Improve Your Meditation Posture

It’s very common for meditators to sit in ways that are unhealthy for their backs. Sitting in meditation can be very challenging for this part of your body. I commonly see meditators slumping forward, their shoulders rolling forward, their ches...

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How to Meditate Comfortably, Longer

How do you sit in meditation? Is it comfortable or is it causing you to cut your meditations short due to aches and pains? Maybe you’re not a yoga pretzel. You may be a few lifetimes shy of sitting in Padmasana (lotus). If you’re anything like...

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Sitting Meditation – Two Questions to Max Out Your Comfort

Do you experience discomfort in cross-legged meditation? I started examining this question in my last post. I promised to explore this a bit further by giving you two questions to help you find your most comfortable cross-legged sitting position. ...

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What is a Zafu and Why Do I Need One?

No, a Zafu is not a rare African animal, nor is it the sound of a sneeze in an exotic foreign language. A Zafu is actually a cosy meditation cushion. The word comes from the Japanese, where this crescent-shaped pillow is used for sitting, kneeling a...

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