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Feeling stressed? A bolster can help.

Stress and Health Let’s face it, we all have to deal with stress. Stress can be triggered by events like financial troubles or being stuck in traffic, or a tight deadline at work. Many of us deal with stress by reaching for “quick fixes” such a...

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How To Safely Do Arm Balancing Poses

Arm balances have great allure and many benefits and need to be done safely. To find our balancing sweet spot we need face our fears head on and learn to fall so we can fly. Donna and Serah from The Seduction of Yoga teach us how to fall with the h...

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How to Master Chaturanga

Dear Yoga Community: Chaturanga Dandasana needs your love and intention. This challenging pose builds stability and strength that helps form a strong foundation for the rest of your practice. (Especially if arm balances are your thing.) But its ben...

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The Secret To Loving your Body At Any Age

The true beauty of Yoga is that it can benefit anyone at any age. The practice of yoga can help us to tap into the wisdom of our bodies and learn to be our best selves. This week’s guest blogger Paula Tursi, the founder of Reflections Yoga, sheds l...

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