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The Best Gifts that Cost Nothing at All

While the list-making and gift-buying process can be a lot of fun, we think it’s important to remember that often the most meaningful gifts don’t have a price tag. In no particular order, here are our favourite cost-free gifts: 1. Acknowledgemen...

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The History of the Legendary Halfmoon Bolster

In the 1980’s as the Vancouver yoga industry grew, the demand for yoga props grew with it. Halfmoon’s founder Beth McTavish began to branch out from making yoga mats & straps and began developing a line of bolsters using the knowledge she had...

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Halfmoon’s Partnership with Tonic Clothing

Halfmoon has partnered with TONIC Lifestyle Apparel- a great “made in Canada” clothing manufacturer. You can find a selection of TONIC’s Elements Line at www.shophalfmoon.com. Inspired by the growing yoga community in the west coast of BC, TONI...

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Receiving Feedback As A Gift

Many of you have honoured us with amazing feedback on our products. We are learning what you love, where we’re succeeding at our goals and where we can grow. This outpouring of input has led us to reflect on feedback and the incredible difficulty...

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Innovation At Its Best: Mighty Yoga Bolsters!

The challenge was to make a bolster that performed well in hot studios (as well as everywhere else). We searched high and low to find fabrics that was water resistant, breathable, and easy to clean between uses. And, we did it! The Details: wat...

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Cork — Friend or Foe?

Is it just me? Was it a lucid dream? Does anybody else remember when cork was considered socially unacceptable? I remember just a few years ago the wine industry started switching from cork to plastic wine stoppers and metal screw tops in order to...

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Yoga Outreach: To Share Yoga—Is To Share Love

Halfmoon is proud to be a longtime supporter of Yoga Outreach. We’ve asked Delanie Dyck the Executive Director for Yoga Outreach, to share with us their mission and their goals for the future. It is truly inspiring the work they do—to share yo...

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Pillow Talk

Do you sleep on your side and wake up with neck and shoulder pain? Your pillow may be the culprit. Most pillows were not designed to properly support your head and neck when sleeping on your side. As a result, your shoulder is crushed, your spine is...

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