Choosing Props

The Bridge Cushion

Is it a yoga bolster? A meditation cushion? A furniture piece for your home? The answer is all of the above and more! The Bridge Cushion is a unique semi-circle Zafu filled with buckwheat hulls to be moldable and cool, even on hot days. It is the p...

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Yoga Gift Guide: For the Newbie

Starting a yoga practice is often equal parts exciting and intimidating. Having the right yoga gear can be a real confidence-booster, which makes it a perfect gift for the yoga newbie on your list! Here are our top picks: Yoga Gift Ideas for the Newb...

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How to Choose Your Perfect Yoga Mat

Let's face it, you and your yoga mat are in a long-term relationship. But when your relationship with your mat is dysfunctional, pesky distractions can divert your attention away from your breathing, your poses, and the heart of your practice. Ther...

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Why Use a Meditation Bench?

Do you find meditating cross-legged uncomfortable? Or do you normally meditate cross-legged and want to change things up? If so, a meditation bench may be the perfect addition to your practice. Around 95% of the time I meditate cross-legged. But...

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