Caring for Your Yoga Props

Upcycle Your Well-Loved Yoga Mat

Has your yoga mat reached the point of no return? Wait! Before you ditch it why not get crafty? In celebration of Earth Day, we designed a pattern for a laptop case to help you upcycle your mat and keep it out of the landfill. All of those posit...

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How to Break In Your Yoga Mat

Does this sound familiar to you? You’ve spent hours reflecting on your body, your practice, your lifestyle, and your values and finally you’ve selected the yoga mat of your dreams. You’ve waited with bated breath for the moment you can use your...

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How to Clean Your Halfmoon Yoga Mat

We’ve been asked many times, “How should I clean my yoga mat?” In this post we break down the Do’s and Don’ts of yoga mat care. DO… • Clean your mat after every use to keep it looking (and smelling) fantastic! Proper cleaning and care...

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Filling Sandbags

Halfmoon sandbags are made of heavy layered cotton with two zippered closures. Below are instructions to fill your sandbag without getting sand in the zipper (which could cause it to jam). You will need: dry, sterilized play box sand (from a build...

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